yanking a thread from the soul
that’s what it is
one filament at a time
you unravel

note by note
soundless symphonies
for the outside world

word by word
form by form
every infinite limb
in the universe
becomes rapt
in your pursuits

one day
there’s nothing left to give
what you’ve made

and your efforts
are either remembered
or forgotten
two horned blue birdcrazy blue bird, created a few weeks ago with Tombow markers and Prisma pencils, while in a feathery mood 😉

21 thoughts on “giving

  1. My feelings are that our creative connection and efforts play a tune in the universe and are always there vibrating. Ours minds forget, but our souls don’t. I’m surprised I said that. Hmmm!


  2. Yes, yes, yes! — This one is already printed out and hanging on my ARK Shrine. I’ve also “shared” the hell out of it (Twitter, FB) ’cause it’s that dern good, Miss. And the art is superlative! I love the voice/tone of this piece — absolutely, absolutely. I cannot praise enough, truly …. Bellisimo!


  3. The angry eye in this bird — the emotions within. The colors are passionate in themselves.
    Your efforts, my special friend in this amazing place, shall be remembered by those who are closest to you, at least. Our true art is in our relationships — and you my friend, I heartily suspect, are a whiz at relationships! 🙂
    Over my lovely Chardonnay this evening, I salute you from Boston!

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