my eyes are brown, did you know
mud-weary at this point and still brown
brown like the polyester pants I wore as a child
brown like the earth
honest and foot-affirming
when my large brown eyes were bigger than my little face
I learned to aim high for the heavens and shoot purposefully for the stars
sky-colored eyes and sunshine hair made perfect sense 
perfect sense
every time I gazed in the mirror I wondered
do they know I’m aiming and shooting for things beyond my reach
with brown eyes and brown hair and brown polyester
I am not Rapunzel or Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella
damn these wrong colors
blue eyes I do not possess
plastic eyes in ocean colors, sold by the gross, shipped on palettes
will be fitted into gorgeous dolls with sunshine hair
it doesn’t matter to a brown-eyed face that ocean eyeballs are synthetic
in her little mind, these things are more real than her own tiny heartbeat
and so the brown-eyed child grows up
for all of us to be loved for
“the content of our character”
and the pure color of our caring



MLK’s actual quote, “…by the content of their character.” (not our) – thank you

As a brown-eyed child growing up, I often felt this way



yanking a thread from the soul
that’s what it is
one filament at a time
you unravel

note by note
soundless symphonies
for the outside world

word by word
form by form
every infinite limb
in the universe
becomes rapt
in your pursuits

one day
there’s nothing left to give
what you’ve made

and your efforts
are either remembered
or forgotten
two horned blue birdcrazy blue bird, created a few weeks ago with Tombow markers and Prisma pencils, while in a feathery mood ūüėČ

Sexy Skeleton

Dear Friends,
The profoundness of the human soul is only limited by the human brain. We look and label¬†in the very same instant.¬†Some of us¬†believe¬†we’re appointed to judge¬†others in the visual stratosphere. We can be harsh, even cruel at times. Our brains often close¬†down¬†before¬†‘their’ words can come anywhere near¬†our hearts.

There is a wonderful line in the song, Colors of the Wind that so perfectly sums up our predilection¬†for ‘beauty and sameness.’¬†So I’ll forgive Disney for making Pocahontas¬†a bit too sexy.¬†And I’ll thank lyricist, Steven Schwartz for his wordsmith brilliance:
“…You think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you, but if you walk¬†the footsteps¬†of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew – you never knew…”

How our thought processes would change if we were¬†all just sexy skeletons ūüėČ

Sexy Skeleton

Sexy Skeleton

Thank you. May you dream of walking side by side with someone you don’t care for. And may the¬†dream enlighten you…
Sexy Skeleton created while wearing dishtowel ’round my neck, much like my nana used to do whenever she was working in the kitchen.