the other side of the rainbow

“we’ll find a way of forgiving”
is this true
wouldn’t that be beautiful
not to end
in hatred
but to persevere
in love
“somewhere over the rainbow”
because we can’t stay on this side anymore
we learn to cherish

internal not eternal beauty
of children
of people
of humanity
that rainbow keeps looking better
on the other side
green lush, pure blue

conflicts end with handshakes
not burning holes
what color there would be
what a brilliant world we could live in
we’re but one side away
if only

SImon Says Peace

Simon Says Peace

Created last year for a dear blogger friend–Simon Tocclo, a man of action trying to affect genuine change in Liberia. Among his many social platforms, Simon can also be found through his blog, Liberian Me

“We’ll find a way of forgiving,” borrowed from, West Side Story
“Somewhere over the rainbow,” borrowed from, The Wizard of Oz

30 thoughts on “the other side of the rainbow

  1. Hi Ann Marie your poem is so dramatic it is living not just in words also feelings. I also greatly admire your colour pencil work done from your own vision I have spent time with both The more I read and the I look the more I find Best wishes Ray.


  2. Two lines from two of my favorite songs, AM, woven into this graceful and lush verse of optimism and hope. “That rainbow keeps looking better” — amen to that, Miss. I think it’s especially tender that you’ve called attention to Simon’s important work. He’s out there trying to make a better world on this side of the rainbow, and I commend him for that, I most certainly do. I love the graphic and its message. Wonderfully wise words woven (like an intricate) web (see, I can’t do that crafty word-thing like you can, darnit! :)).


    • It would be nice on the other side wouldn’t it πŸ™‚ oops, there better be wine over on that side (or I ain’t going;))
      Thank you as always, my esteemed friend, for your sage words and generous thoughts.
      You know Simon always signs, Peace and Love – I think I’ll start using Peace and Light (though maybe he uses that too – I like that one)
      Peace and Light, friend of mine.


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  4. I’m sure that there is chocolate “somewhere over the rainbow”, but you may have my share of the wine (unless it is Champagne). Such a beautiful tribute — images of peace in an increasingly violent world (or so it seems). Hugs to you tonight. As you can see, I’m a few days behind. – Fawn


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