Birthdays and Band-Aids

We cannot protect our children anymore than we can make ourselves less vulnerable to life. The best we can do is arm them with self-confidence so when their young, conflicted minds step into those ‘precarious’ fields the mantra, “I’m better than this…,” whispers like a gentle school bell, muffled beneath piles of internal clothing.
maxThe big son is still young. He turns fifteen this week. Like many others of his ilk, he enjoys sports. ‘We’ made it through another wrestling season uninjured and now it’s on to football. The big son is a gentle soul by nature–a pacifist at heart. I know it’s impossible to ask for such a divine favor as to keep one’s child completely safe while playing competitive sports, so I’ll just ask that he has fun and only requires a Band-Aid from time to time. And of course, I also ask that every child participating in sports this year remains safe. I know it is a tall order and a selfish prayer.

Last year the big son said to me, “I’ll feel bad if I hurt anyone, mom.”

I responded quite motherly, “Then tackle your opponents with love, son.”

I glanced up at the sky and prayed, “And God, I hope my son is tackled with love too.”
Love TackleLove Tackle, created last year with Prisma pencil.
Partial post previously published around this time last year.

Happy Birthday, Max!

9 thoughts on “Birthdays and Band-Aids

  1. Happy birthday to Max, a handsome and sweet young man — and Lord please protect him on the football field. He’ll be fine, AM, because he has wonderful parents who have given him the most important gift — love — and who have instilled in him all the goodness that is in their own hearts. From goodness comes goodness. Wishing Mr. Max a very happy b’day-special day! Not to mention a happy and prosperous start to a new school year. 🙂


  2. “Then tackle your opponents with love, son.” Oh Ann Marie, what beautiful advice from a mother who holds her breath from the stands, watching only one padded up player on the wide field. My kids never did contact sports (soccer?) but I remember well, sitting with a dear friend who gripped my hand so tightly each time her son was thrown the ball, and tighter still when he was tackled, and then released my aching fingers when her son rose from the field and trotted off to the next huddle. So I do understand, just a bit here.
    And as they get older, take their own spouse, raise their own kids, we still must stand back and hold our breath as challenges present themselves….we truly have them by our sides for such a short short time.
    You line, is a wise mantra that can also reach well beyond the playing field of sports… all of life, when we must oppose another….
    ….and wow, he is a handsome guy! Happy birthday, Max! (PS: did he identify with Where the Wild Things Are and wild Max? 🙂

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    • Yes, Lillian – these contact sports are tough. Such is the life of these contact kiddies. At least the protective gear is made a bit better today. I often joke with my son, that when he gets hit, turn around and look for me on the field;)
      He’s growing into such a man already. You’re absolutely correct on how the time rockets by.
      Speaking of the big son. he just texted and I must pick him up from practice.
      I will pass on your b’day wishes.
      I’m ashamed to say, he was named after “Get Smart” The giant husband is a funny guy;) and he got to pick the boy name. I would have named him Oscar – so Max lucked out I guess.

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