For My Friend, Who Thinks She’s Lost Her Words

I am writing this for my friend
who thinks she’s lost her words
who thinks her words

are trapped beneath rocks
who believes she doesn’t possess the thirst
to move those dry mountains
my dear friend
needs to know
her words, those languid thoughts
the beautiful ones under the rocks
will seep into the rich black soil
then be carried onward by industrious insect and
cyclical underground element
until they flow into jostling aquifers
cascading into wild rivers
roaming up as sparkling wells
into crystal waters that feed bubbling fountains
in thirst she will sip
and those wet words
her words, will quench her imagination
saturate her parched muse
and her pen will flow once again
with the beauty
she thought she’d lost
somewhere along the way

Turquoise Eyes

Turquoise Eyes

Dedicated to my dear friend, Deb who has done nothing but encourage me to keep writing even when I  believe (as I do often), I am anything but a writer…

45 thoughts on “For My Friend, Who Thinks She’s Lost Her Words

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  2. What a true friend you are to Deb. This is a wonderful poem — inspiring for all who, at some point or another, feel the muse has deserted them.
    And the drawing… you can take lines and make them into this strong face….amazing!


    • She’s been Mickey to my Rocky 🙂 Deb is extremely intelligent and a writer who always brings a fresh edginess to her work. She’s been nothing but selfless in sharing her writing wisdom and sage advice. But as so many of us do, we hit those freakin’ walls. I only hope this piece helped her a bit. It’s the very least I could do for someone who has done nothing but be completely enthusiastic for my writing – when I want to call it quits which is quite often.

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