warm queen of the night

to be a queen
of the night
is far better
to be a
by the day

to be happy
is far better
to be a mismatched

to be warm
while living
is far better
to be

swirl skating

swirl skating

Queen Waiting created today while waiting in a waiting room

13 thoughts on “warm queen of the night

  1. While — perish the thought. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope all is well there, AM. I’ve waited enough in enough waiting rooms to know that “waiting” is another word for “endurance.” However, according to Buddhism there are reasons for waiting and if one leans into the “wait” much can be learned by being “present.” (There! How’s that for a morning’s does of philosophy! No charge!)
    I like these b&w sketches you’re onto lately. Queen Waiting reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. (ds)

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  2. Ok….I’m catching up and reading these backwards…..from newest backwards. So while I was frowning at your most recent lady, this one has definitely put a smile on my face! Maybe even a smirk! Love the words, love this puckered up queen of a lady! Very very nice!!


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