southpaw warrior

southpaw warrior
wielding a just sabre
for righteousness
unsheathed in sparking white
gaining action by wind arc
inked blood contract
philosophies demanded
upon lofty principles
enforced with pride
beliefs carved upon singular roads
will not lead
southpaw warrior
to peace



13 thoughts on “southpaw warrior

  1. Okay, so, like, the meandering line thing is an artistic notion, eh? I’m just curious; never heard of it, but it sounds fascinating. Anyhoo, I like it! Love the stark b&w contrast. You know, is the meandering line where you follow the line through? I’m thinking out loud here.

    RE: words –> I know there’s a saying about this very idea of principles and pride leading to an enforced/unnatural peace, but it doesn’t matter that I can’t think of it because your words are already so good and creative they do the job better than any old saying ever can. You’re hittin’ homers, AM.


    • Meandering is just my explanation of not wanting to think at all while holding a pencil:)
      I wasn’t sure if this character was dude or gal ’til the finishing touches – then I thought warrior. I call him southpaw because being left-handed I draw most of my faces angled to the right –
      Thank you, D.S. for the kindness.
      I had 2 grand slams in my life batting cleanup – then at some point I started striking out – I couldn’t make contact with the ball – I think I needed to play high school softball with glasses πŸ™‚


      • Well, I like the explanation — seems very zen; “don’t think, just follow the line.” And it works remarkably well for you. πŸ™‚
        Interesting that you draw face angled to the right. I guess lefties would tend to slant to the right. I’ll tell you what, lefties have a big advantage in tennis. Have you ever though of taking up the game? πŸ™‚
        Two grand slams, eh?! That’s terrific. I think I needed to play high school tennis with 20 pounds or less on my torso. πŸ˜‰ Glasses helped, too.


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