the antithesis of wisdom

I don’t agree with Golding
I believe there is tremendous capacity for Good
innate human Kindness
though Survival is instinctual
education is the bedrock of Peace
Savagery is learned too
but it is the antithesis of wisdom
lord of the fliesin William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies, the wild boar’s head symbolizes the devil…
The big son is currently reading this novel in school though he’s read it many times before.
This head was made for a class project.
It’s constructed with a large styrofoam ball, a plastic cup, a partial cat mask, sponge pieces for filler, oodles of duct tape to hold all this crap together then covered in clay and painted…it was quite fun to art direct 😉

12 thoughts on “the antithesis of wisdom

  1. I agree with you, AnnMarie, and not with Golding (I’m sorry, but I think Lord/Flies is one of the most over-rated “classics” taught today; if Max likes the novel, I’m sorry for my harsh appraisal). Now, as for Max’s project — that is one scary wild boar’s head and I hope you all never forget where you’ve put it in the house and then bump into it in the dark of night! It IS very devilish — and so good/effective is it, I’d give Max an A+ on the project (and then tell him to please take it elsewhere, lol). Really, though, tell him great job, very realistic! 🙂


    • lol
      the teacher asked if she could keep the head – Max gave a resounding “yes” and mom most definitely approved for all the reasons you mention above:)
      Max adores the idea of running around on an island with spear in hand – though he identifies with Piggy and Ralph (thankfully!)


      • Tell Max there’s a TV show (or at least there has to be one, I’m sure) where he can fulfill his fantasy of running around on an island. 🙂 He might even win $$$ for doing so! You know, funny thing about class projects done in conjunction with assigned books — I always enjoyed doing them and they’re the only things I can really remember from my school days. 😉


      • Yes, it is a naked show, 🙂 And I still believe Lord/Flies is totally overrated. For my money, Orwell and Huxley are far superior.


  2. I think that Wilding’s message was simply that unrestricted mob rule leads to destructive activity, AnnMarie; something that has been shown to be true through hundreds of events from the French Revolution through the activities of US southern crowds in the lynching of black people to the destructive mobs that ran through London rioting and burning indiscriminately following the legal killing of a gunman.
    The novel is a depiction of the breakdown of civilisation, a thin veneer of reason and compassion, under the duress of survival in a hostile environment. I think it is very wise to expose children to the message of this important book, in the hope that they will understand that mob violence has no place in a civilised society.
    I like the pig’s head: it symbolises the unthinking evil that stems from mob rule.


    • Yes, your are quite correct Stuart – Golding believed – in the absence of law, moral code disintegrates and man reverts to cruelty and gratifying his own desires. Golding’s portrayal child characters – boys not yet men, hits his point home –
      But, however one defines or breaks down the author’s meaning/s – I still like to believe in my childlike brain – man wouldn’t revert to such cruelty. Though history has proven over and again – my hope might as well be made of bubbles…
      Thank you for your valued insights – my intellectual friend.

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      • You have inspired me with your poetry and illustrations, AnnMarie, to the extent that I’ve started writing poetry again and I’m going to try my hand at some drawings. Time will tell if I have either talent or ability, of course.


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