7 thoughts on ““Peace on Earth was all it said…”

  1. Okay, so Bob and I watched the video all the way through (he loves that song and heard it playing on my iPad) and then he had to try to guess the name of the group that recorded it for the Billy Jack movie (answer: Coven; Bob got it right; he should be on one of those TV game shows). Just had to tell you that — also, congrats on remembering how to embed a video, 😉 As for your art: sweet and tender, and those wooden fellas put me in the mood for the holidays and, more importantly, for peace on Earth (well, we can always hope/pray).


    • Yippy – I remembered embedding. I have a magical blog coach;) The nutcrackers were done yesterday to show as examples. I try to keep the samples “inspiring” If they look too slick – the kiddies may feel they can’t achieve the goal. So they are primitive wooden men 🙂
      I love that song. Bob is a wealth of info – he could probably make some bucks and keep you in diamonds;)


      • You have good blog coach, but she’s got anything but fairy dust running through her veins, lol. Right now she’s freezing her ass off (no heat in cabin).
        If thse men are primitive I’d hate to see your anti-primitive ones — to me, they’re pretty darn slick and professional. 🙂
        Bob just needs to keep me in books — I don’t wear diamonds, 😉


      • Geez, you gotta be freezin’ lady – sorry.
        If it makes you feel any better, it’s kinda cold down here in the basement and I’m too lazy to turn the little heater on.
        I’ve learned with art, the kiddies get somewhat intimidated by things too artful and they right away think, “I can’t do that.” So I tried to keep the art kiddie-like down to the nutcrackers’ lopsided eyeballs;)
        lol – I’d like to see books hanging from a pendant ’round your neck and a few from your earlobes;)


      • Guy’s here now — it was 49 degrees when we came in. I’m drinking coffee to warm myself and my hands. Dammit! 🙂 I’d wear books, I would — I’d look better in them than I would diamonds or pearls, LOL


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