oatmeal domination

somewhere in the universe
beastly animatronic appendages
dragging empty buckets the size of blue whales
scoop up wild oats more numerous than grains of sand
they dump these omnipotent hauls 
into two monumental receptacles
the first –
is a sweet, crunchy place decorated in swirly G’s
where smells of cinnamon and dehydrated fruits abound

the second – mind you,
casts a far more intimidating shadow
it is a dark, mysterious warehouse
where rancid pigment and gooey binder can be sniffed for miles
it is deep within the bowels of this cloaked place
that all institutional paint is manufactured
and the nefarious beings behind this demon depository 
have but one scheme in mind
oatmeal domination

these ill-natured possessors will not rest
until the interior of every hospital, recovery outpost and learning facility
has been impossibly plastered in their colorless aberration
depressing, hideous, stomach-churning
oatmeal paint
Karole in St Luketen-minute sketch while my mother-in-law slept in hospital bed yesterday
she survived cancer number 4 – a tumor was removed from her bladder, all seems well
she is home now happy, drinking lots of water and enjoying her colorful walls filled with beautiful things
those oatmeal-colored hospital walls are a thing of the past
but her care – doctors, nurses and all involved – was fantastic – wonderful people

20 thoughts on “oatmeal domination

  1. Glad to hear she is doing well, Ann Marie and that’s a beautiful sketch! 🙂

    Always hated those hospital depressing colors…


  2. This is so skilfully written, I wondered at first where it was heading but the penny dropped brilliantly at the end. Beautiful drawing. So glad your mum in law is now home in a bright, happy place. This is such a touching, moving post…😊


  3. Great news about your mother-in-law, AM. Glad she’s away from those “oatmeal walls.” Like this, the writing style is different, and the sketch is wonderful.


  4. Beautiful, touching sketch. It seems that babe and our elderly — both are beautiful in their sleep.
    Prayers for your mother-in-law and for you too my friend. Shall think of you in church today.


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