Sad Eyes/Prisma

I ache for something
what could it possibly be
I have so much
but I ache
there in my soul
a pinch
reaches out for my heart
straight up to the brain
out it spills
the ache
it’s still there
in here

these words didn’t do it either
guess I’ll have to try again


29 thoughts on “tomorrow…

  1. Gosh darn, AM — your batting average is .350 (Bob tells me that is a near-impossible average, but I would up it even higher if you’d believe me). I mean, everything you write is stellar. This is pure Roselli-Kissackian, so lovely in its “seemingly” simple (not necessarily so, not at all) purity. I could write an explication on how this poem hits at the heart of that all-too-human emotion of longing (your main theme, btw) but I’ll just say more to the point: This is absolutely beautiful, a poetic gem that outshines the Hope diamond (and I’ve seen that big rock in person, so I know). πŸ˜‰


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