of something more

this has to be something more than the dish
serving the meat my mother so tenderly cooked for us
after being on her feet all day
something more than my dad telling us his ice truck story
and how he began work at seven when he believed Staten Island was Italy
this has to be something more than my daughter
not yet realizing just how beautiful she is
or my son who embodies the compassion of a soul lived
much older than his fifteen years
or a husband who supports my artistic demons
this has to be something more than collecting these memories
like paperclips in a box and storing them
this has to be something more than an appreciation
of life
this has to be love and living each moment
of that expression

Max and Caroline

Max and Caroline

I hope you all had a wondrous weekend

5 thoughts on “of something more

  1. You know, I retweeted your tweet/post thinking it was the painting only you were sharing (the email telling me your post had just dropped hadn’t arrived yet). Based on the beauty of the painting alone, I wanted to share. But then when I discovered these lovely words accompanying the lovely painting, well, what can I say?

    What you’ve presented here IS “more,” and it IS “love” fully expressed. Reading this put me in a mood … of envy in the best sense possible. It’s always nice to see when someone fully appreciates a “full moment” in time, as you have done here. You get it, you do. Hold on to it. This is gorgeous, AM.


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