no curtain call

we weren’t destined to meet
a black bottle, a few flowery touches and
cold cubes that mimicked hot dice
rolled a bet with just enough scratch
for a room with bad lighting
our frantic hands
stripped away more than labels
our hungry mouths
fashioned words on stained cotton
our entwined legs
beat on dark motel velvet
but a new day’s integrity

revealed our imperfect forms
stale breath buried any lingering hopes ย 

you were in it for the quick sale
I was in it for the everlasting bargain
we were at best
a performance piece
with no curtain call

swirl skating

swirl skating

20 thoughts on “no curtain call

  1. AnnMarie time! Beautiful work as always AnnMarie! Hope you had a lovely day today! AnnMarie is Number One. Greatest artist ever, Greatest person ever! Greatest friend ever! woo hoo!


  2. OMG.
    First response: I’m blushing having read these red-hot words.
    Second response: This is frickin’ wondersome, AM!
    “You were in it for the quick sale / I was in it for the everlasting bargain” — magnifico! (Italian for “magnificent,” FYI).
    I’m sittin’ here drinking red wine and listening to Franco Corelli sing some damn romantic aria and reading these words and … Well, whoohoo! The tone/attitude is hot, the art is cool in a very hot way, and this post is, down to those closing lines, perfecto.


    • Hey, there DS
      honestly, when I wrote this a few hours ago I didn’t think it was overly woo-ish, but perhaps I undershot the woo;) I hope this doesn’t mean that I’m turning into a dirty-minded old gal but I don’t know it yet!
      I do thank you, my friend – for your exceedingly kind words here and cheers to the red. I have to refill my computer nook stash – I should just hook a giant straw from the wine store on the corner to my studio and get it over with;)


      • You absolutely should (hook a giant straw from wine store to your place), lol. Your post ain’t dirty, Miss, it’s sexy as hell. You know, reading this I’m thinking you got another iron in the creative fires — we’ll have to discuss. You got the chops, let’s say. Red wine is devine; white is just all right (hey! I just made that up, just now! Pretty good, eh?). Seriously though, you dun good on this ‘en, and you’ve displayed a new side of your multi-talents.


      • that’s it then – tomorrow I buy straws and start a-linkin’
        I don’t think it’s an iron more like a brick that happened to land without hitting my big toe;)
        thank you, DS
        I think my intense social media burst of the past week has overburdened my sensory organs with sex in all its permutations both real and fake (mostly fake and overly large and silly)

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I read these amazing lines and I think: she has an incredible gift. Your phraseology stands alone, quite in a class by itself, my dear AM.

    “Cold cubes that mimicked hot dice”– that could be a metaphor for 99% of what passes for real life. “New day’s integrity revealing imperfect forms” evokes the cold, hard and very brutal light of day, and “stale breath buried any lingering hopes” is absolutely devastating. Your wonderful sketches always seem to function as an alluring counterpoint.

    I could go on but words fail me, as the ventriloquist said to the dummy. Dark motel velvet… that reminds me: I think it’s time to put more duct tape on my slippers… : )


    • Ah, my most favorite funny person-you know my dear friend, Mark-there is not enough humor in the this world of ours. It makes my heart glad that someone as talented as you reads someone like me. When this reading occurs worlds collide (now you might be thinking stellar collision is a bad thing but oh, contrare-it is quite the positive reinforcement ) and then there is happy all around.
      I do humbly and greatly appreciate your generous words and I value your inspiration especially since it comes from an endearingly warmhearted chap who does some mighty fine line work;)
      thank you
      hey, I think it’s way past my bedtime
      hope I didn’t sound too delirious

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