to flourish and decide and dream

Max frown/acrylic


sixteen today
time, is his friend
an entire life
to flourish and decide and dream
he was born
with an old soul
warm and caring
those eyes of his
speak in softness
two more years
then he will fly
all that resides in him
all that is good
all that is still mystery
for now
he’s thinking pediatrician
a tender spot for babies
cares about children
while looking in the mirror
trying to see the man
he will one day become
max copy
Max portrait painted about twelve years ago
15-years-old in detail photo above (at his sister’s 2016 high school graduation)

13 thoughts on “to flourish and decide and dream

  1. Beautiful work and what a handsome young son you have. Looks like he likes the weights. I am a big fan myself. I’ve been doing it a lot lately. Feeling bummed I am too tired to write more of the book today i wrote 6 chapters the other day so we need breaks. Making new horror friends in the facebook horror group right and left. I like Kaybe she likes the hellraiser movies I showed her where she could them cheap as I just got them all myself. Bought a lot of good horror movies. I think I’ll try to rest today. AnnMarie=Number One! woo hoo!


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