since 9/11

“A husband and father, as he did every morning, kissing his wife and daughter before driving to Rescue 1’s firehouse on West 53rd Street in Manhattan. And his unusual decision to stop as he walked to his van on Sept. 11, 2001, and return to kiss them one more time.”

“I’m saying to myself, he survived. He was a Marine, he was a Boy Scout (and) he was a rescue guy,” Tillie Geidel said. “If anybody could survive, he could survive.”
– Leonard Sparks for the Times Herald-Record, September 11, 2016
Gary Geidelportrait of Gary Geidel, Rescue 1 – painted this for his mom in 2001

10 thoughts on “since 9/11

  1. A moving tribute to Mr. Geidel and 9/11, AM. Amazing story about his last day and his decision to come back and kiss his loved ones a second time.

    You know, I was looking at your artwork not long ago and all I kept thinking was what a talented artist you are and how you have that innate ability to capture a person’s (or animal’s) soul through the eyes. Remarkable. Anyhoo, hope you continue to make art … but … you know how I feel … you’re also a freakin’ly amazing writer. Doubly blessed you are. DS

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    • thank you, DS
      our local paper “highlighted” individuals as well as the collective
      sad, sad memories
      Mr. Geidel was a very handsome man with warm, endearing eyes – it was not difficult to paint his likeness.
      Sad reason to paint a portrait though
      I appreciate your kind words here, DS

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