festooned chaos

since Halloween is near and my soon-to-be printed (yea) book
is due mid-December or earlier (yea)
I’m posting the only verse in love of the monster
that pays direct homage to this most wicked and deliciously sweet celebrationfestooned-chaos-text-color

love of the monster, is a black and white illustrated book
color was added here to protect the innocent;)

4 thoughts on “festooned chaos

  1. Beautiful writing I can’t wait for that book AnnMarie I know it will be flying off the bookshelves. I am excited for Halloween I wrote half a book yesterday in part musical. It’s about a girls high school basketball team. I love it. We need more girls sports stories/books. I still feel disappointed when last year I got sick and could never finish that girls football team book. Excited Celtics season starts tomorrow. Hope you are well my beloved AnnMarie. AnnMarie=Number One!

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    • hi there, Dan
      thank you for your kind words
      ah, books flying off the shelves – it’s a dreamy “Potter-esque” image:)
      yes, we do need more girls’ sports stories – way to be supportive!!!
      be well and healthy for Halloween

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  2. Really like how you’ve presented this poem, AM–I mean the layout. Of course I’m a huge fan of the poem (although “slithering streamers” I have to worry about :)). Very nice. 🙂

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