her eyes face the pavement
“they” whisper
in booming voices
secrets no one could know
tearing at her invisible flesh
piece by piece
bit by bit

the backside of her heart vacant
“they” say
“they” laugh
“they” commune
“they” cackle
exhaling poisonous fumes
their souls
shriveling with each round

this assault will continue
as must she

Dolores/oilthis 4’x’3 painting is almost 30 years old – one of my dear sisters allowed me to stretch and contort her beautiful face for the purposes of art
where I have common brown – dolores’ eyes are beautiful blue

this verse was published last year, I reworked it extensively
every time I return to my older poems – I cringe a little, laugh sometimes, then rewrite

6 thoughts on ““they”

  1. You know, I feel as though I am somewhat a Rosellian scholar, know your work pretty well, so you must really be reworking a few of these pieces, especially this one, because I don’t recognize it at all! It’s excellent, AM. You know, I’d really like to compare the “before” and “after” — it would be an interesting thing to do, to see how your work has evolved. And you know what “they say” about “they say” — is often proved a great liar. Beautiful artwork here, too. The painting has held up well (and I have to assume Dolores has as well) :). DS

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