well, this is just freakin’ amazing

well, this is just freakin’ amazing
apparently my little book
has gone “temp out of stock”
on both Amazon and B&N
why I’d love to believe it’s selling out like Harry Potter😉
the reality probably is
because it’s a self-pub title
they don’t take it very seriously
and don’t order that many copies initially
it is still available on my book’s site
but most folks
are going to Amazon or B&N to buy
darn this selling stuff
I’m going to start peddling door to door
so if you hear someone crying
in your hedgerow
late in the afternoon
it will most likely be me

17 thoughts on “well, this is just freakin’ amazing

    • not yet – just the sales from the book’s site, loveofthemonster.com – I gotta get a lot smarter about this sales stuff – I’m blissfully ignorant at the moment and way to soft for selling softcover – maybe I should have pub’d a hardcover😉


  1. Who told you would sell out AnnMarie? AnnMarie you are a magical gift to the world and a large number more than me can see that in your writing and art. I am proud of you AnnMarie. Good things happen to good women. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your book when I recover from my persistent sickness. Word of mouth AnnMarie slowly but surely AnnMarie will become the richest and greatest artist ever. Also the prettiest! Happy for you and your excitement!

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  2. Still out of stock in UK. Tell Amazon you’re having requests for books that can’t be fulfilled because they’re telling folk it’s out of stock. I want to buy via Amazon, as then I’ll be a ‘verified purchaser’ and any review I do will be more readily accepted.

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