I can no longer wait for you

I’m still waiting for you
I think I’ve always been
I know I’ve always been
forty years past
scanning the stars glued inside my baseball cap
before each at bat, desperate not to strike out
thirty years ago
face first, hair second, brain third
hoping you’ll notice me
twenty year flashback there I am running
six miles alongside the busiest roads
why don’t you pullover and take me away
fifteen years ago
off those roads striving for inroads
sending, sending, sending
out my door, into yours
hoping something manages the mail slot
ten years recent past
what a tease
you were never really interested
I wasn’t even close was I
I can wait no longer wait for you
all my past tactics have failed
there is no one to find me
you were never there

I must turnaround
I must stop dreaming
no fantasy fingers will tie my work to a star
with a glittering red bow

I must float on my own
I will fall flat and be trampled upon
by more creative beasts
Taurean Bull
my little monster love book must now be sold and I must sell it.
“…I could burn with the splendor of the brightest fire or else I could choose time…” –Lament from Evita

well, this is just freakin’ amazing

well, this is just freakin’ amazing
apparently my little book
has gone “temp out of stock”
on both Amazon and B&N
why I’d love to believe it’s selling out like Harry Potter😉
the reality probably is
because it’s a self-pub title
they don’t take it very seriously
and don’t order that many copies initially
it is still available on my book’s site
but most folks
are going to Amazon or B&N to buy
darn this selling stuff
I’m going to start peddling door to door
so if you hear someone crying
in your hedgerow
late in the afternoon
it will most likely be me

Do Frogs Buy Books?

Dear Friends,
Today, I took my mother-in-law to Barnes & Noble. Along the sidewalk entrance I noticed something odd and a bit sad – a dead frog. I looked around. There was no nearby water source, unless the little frog had stopped by Friday’s for a drink. That might explain his premature demise. Maybe the little guy had a rough night, sipped one to many Mint Grasshoppers and strolled onto the blacktop, bleary-eyed. I hope he wasn’t on his way to purchase, Road Crossing for Dummies.

Once inside B&N, my hip mother-in-law downloaded some new Nook reads. I went the old-timer’s route and purchased a real book, Same Kind of Different as Me, which I’ve already started. Next, we enjoyed over-priced beverages and treats at the Café. Perhaps, the little frog had leapt a long distance and desired a refreshing Mango Smoothie.

Please remember dear friends, the many critters crossing the road this time of year. Turtles may be en route for egg laying,

turtleand little frogs may be trying to get to Barnes & Noble –

blue frog

Thank you and goodnight. May your dreams be filled with twirling turtles and flying frogs…

(both drawings rendered with Prisma pencil on construction paper)