deliciously dark

DS Levy is one of those brave writers who pens the heart darkly. She transports you to uncomfortable places and makes you think, sometimes cry. This isn’t sweet and saucy fare. A Binary Heart is brutal emotion, honestly formed.
Just got my copy today!


well, this is just freakin’ amazing

well, this is just freakin’ amazing
apparently my little book
has gone โ€œtemp out of stockโ€
on both Amazon and B&N
why Iโ€™d love to believe itโ€™s selling out like Harry Potter๐Ÿ˜‰
the reality probably is
because itโ€™s a self-pub title
they donโ€™t take it very seriously
and donโ€™t order that many copies initially
it is still available on my bookโ€™s site
but most folks
are going to Amazon or B&N to buy
darn this selling stuff
Iโ€™m going to start peddling door to door
so if you hear someone crying
in your hedgerow
late in the afternoon
it will most likely be me