for Lily

what is motherhood if not by your side
watching you my love
what is pure in my life holding by a wisp within your deconstructing body
sweet child how I need to scream inside the ocean
smack the gods
embrace the spirits
where you won’t hear my pain
these arms and legs of mine so powerful
if I could give them and live to hold you still,
carry you as I have done across these years
never with regret
all that I am
wrapped around your life
such beauty in your speaking eyes, your soul-plumped mouth
how you’ve grown these past seasons
metal-bar suns and rubber-tube moons following along your flesh
you and I have traveled so much longer than they believed possible
you grow a bit tired
your little body weary from the outside
fatigue settling some on the inside where my care holds you together
but still fierce in your heart
in your eyes of earth
you are my rock
you are my joy
not in any time
in any space
of any moment
will I ever grow tired
of your heart living inside mine

Gallean with ragdoll

to my cousin, Marie for her beautiful daughter, Lily xo

9 thoughts on “for Lily

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. My blood sugars got out of control again due to my bipolar med serequel. My bipolar is pretty stable and great sleep but my sugars stay high no matter what I eat. I got 9 days before insulin. My pdoc is great he is lowering the serequel to 200mg and adding lithium the unfortunate thing about these adjustments as they can as we lower have intense manic symptoms come flying out but that is the only way to do it. The blood sugars made me not be able to get going with my day til 2pm. We will see how it goes. My book is almost done. Well past the 3rd act I have been doing a little research of people’s reviews on slasher movies I consider the best on youtube to apply it to my book in terms of what to improve. I think we need to learn a little more about a few of the kids. I feel one of the girls wasn’t fleshed out and this is working out being a fairly tweener between main character and support. Julie needs some fleshing out and she is just support and Andrea is fleshed out but could use a little more. Natalie I’ve fleshed out well through a few chapters. One of the criticisms in slashers is lack of development in characters. I have kept this true to a slasher in body count and gore. I am adding more atmosphere. I think I’ve done some creative things with this book and had suspense. I think having characters in this book not be stereotypical has worked well. I think its a great slasher but not a ‘Halloween’ that was suspense, atmosphere and scares relying on little blood. I think that is what I wanted to do stay true to the core story of ‘Friday The 13th’ while changing things and making it like the good quality slashers that followed ‘Halloween’. I hope you have a good weekend. AnnMarie=Number One! The writing has really reduced some of the stress with the health problems. I talked to DMH worker and I think if I accept I’ll have frequent med changes I won’t be stressed if my med cocktails continue to falter. DR. Corman says a lot of people with Bipolar thats illness in bad enough need frequent adjustments. I am thinking of volunteering in Animal Rescue this year.

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    • thanks, Dan
      so very sorry you’re having some issues
      your writing focus is a fantastic and intelligent way to help manage
      you just keep writing your colorful and action-packed stories, my friend
      you be well

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  2. Well, this is beautifully heart-felt, gorgeously written, and so life-affirming (I hope your cousin gets to read this). Really, AM, what a wonderful tribute to mother and daughter. Those word-painting-pairings I would steal: “titanium sun,” “deconstructing body,” “scream inside the ocean,” “soul-plumped mouth,” “where my care holds you together,” etc.etc.etc. The strokes are subtle yet firm, laid down by a controlled hand. Empathic grace personified.#

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