a garden of peace, child

A garden of peace, child
Bowed lips, each a cherry blossom petal
Cheeks, satin and pink-rosed pinched by heaven
Your small hands–the hands of an angel, clasping their hidden treasures of bees balm and forever dreams
Diamond clusters of baby’s breath adorn your wrist, delicate dewdrops on wind and wing
How your dark chestnut hair swirls with endless copper beech highlights–so warm and inviting, the soft yellow ducks have come to slumber beside you
Blankets of hyacinth and lavendar protect your perfect skin, white as daffodils
You, a beautiful, sweet Lily, to forever bloom in the loving heart of your adoring mother and all those who cherished and nurtured your blessed life
for my cousin, Marie and her sweet, Lily

5 thoughts on “a garden of peace, child

  1. This is rich in description (that painterly quality I’ve mentioned before) and gorgeous. And I can tell it’s, for you, a working-out of emotion, of personal feeling, and that’s the reason it’s so moving, raw (not in an unpolished way, but “raw” in terms of thought/emotion). And the art – lovely, touching (I love the looking-away pose, most of the face shadowed, except the pink tender cheek). So excellent. [More proof: you need to keep painting/drawing.]

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