4 thoughts on “The Fourth Ocean

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. I wrote a musical for my cousin Roisin and shared it with her she loved it. I am doing a musical for my friend Trish Pinto she is like you humble, caring, kind, great mom, great wife, loyal friend and friend no matter what. I could screw up so much and she would be there for me always. She’s a special lady like you. I saw Baby Driver in theaters you would love it you got to see it. I am going to see how many songs I can bang out for Trish before my meds subdue me. I keep the musicals to 10 songs because too many songs can jump start mania and it needs to be carefully managed, hope you are well ttys

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    • thank you, Dan
      wow! you are truly a Renaissance Man
      music, poetry, stories – what don’t you do!
      glad you’re feeling well
      I don’t get to the movies too much – I catch up while on my morning elliptical ride with a tiny screen and Netflix
      I hope to at least catch a few movies this summer – so far – I have only, Wonder Woman, on my “went to” list

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