if only peace could be magicked

When I think of my children going into the world, I find myself championing humanity. I pray we never cease believing this: we are so much stronger than these acts of violence that steal innocent life and try to rip away our collective compassion for one another

6 thoughts on “if only peace could be magicked

  1. Hey AnnMarie looks like so far I won the argument as my pdoc hasn’t called back to impose his will to get me to do something dangerous that might lead me back to the hospital. He’s a dr that can be wrong. But I am not agreeing to it no matter what. I am having my gluten free donut my stress eating. I cut out ordering the pizza. Replacing it with donuts. Are you excited for Christmas? One of my favorite holidays. It’s just a beautiful day. So peaceful and enjoyable. Christmas has such a great spirit. Hope you are well. Keep being creative. Enjoy yourself. ttys AnnMarie=Number One! woo hoo!

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    • I don’t “pray” in the literal sense, nor do I practice magic. I do hold out hope.
      I understand what you’re saying and I agree.
      Still, I’m a gut-wrenching optimist.
      So I pray and hope ❤️


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