6 thoughts on “farce of the heart

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie hope you had a great weekend. I had a great Halloween. I was disturbed by my dr trying to take me off all of one drug for a night. I know my history when I go off an antipychotic I don’t sleep and get manic. I just left him a message and said i didnt want to go off and had an easy plan to stop my falls and sedation to take my food and meds in my room when its earlier and i am liable to fall. i also told him id call the diabetes dr and see if i can take my diabetes meds later around 10am when i am up. it bothered me Annmarie how stupid and dumb dr was. there are good and bad workers in the world there are even bad drs but thank God people want to be drs its not an easy job. hopefully my dr will listen to me and let me stay on my med that allows me to sleep and keeps the mania killed. hope you had a happy halloween. ttys

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  2. For me, at least, it’s the painful truth of vulnerability, insufficiency, and death that drive me, AM. It’s the farce/drama I work on my own life… as well as the lives of others. That’s the farce I hear you talking about so well. Thanks. Ouch. –roc,sj

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