New Free Verse Published!

So very honored to be included in, Better Than Starbucks! “Mary, I Am Learning,” is an homage to Mary Oliver—her poetic voice
peels away distractions created by an industrial world and reminds us to cherish nature.


8 thoughts on “New Free Verse Published!

  1. This poem is beautiful, AM — and a perfect offering for a new year. I, too, have been thinking of Mary; it was a year ago the poetry world lost one of its brightest, simplest stars. I miss knowing there won’t be anymore new Mary poems to read … maybe that’s where AM’s wave washes in and fills the empty space.
    Happy New Year to you, my friend,

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    • thank you, ds
      you know one of my ‘real solutions’ this year is more reading – i must tackle that shelf of lovely brilliant poetry and prose books –
      you are too kind, my friend
      thank you and i look forward to our creative commiserating in 2020

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  2. Dan,
    wow! sports kind of go the way of the team on fire in the moment – sort of like creating anything else – he/she with the most fire blazes brightest 🌟
    you keep on writing your masterpieces – i don’t mind being a crazy old lady in ’em!😅

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