12 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. beautiful mom annmarie sorry you lost her but she will be waiting for at the pearly gates sorry i missed this post i was inpatient not a good mothers day gift to get sick again i did give her money and gave her 2 mothers day cards. oh well do better next mothers day


      • My mom has really grown to understand and she will never know what it is like shes knows i had 6 hospitalizations in one summer. She and my dad don’t put pressure on me to get a job my mom will understand if I can’t work. My dad as big of a jerk he can be he says one day I might be able to work. They don’t say I’m lazy they just know I’ve been sick a lot and it takes time. I’m sorry about your mom I had another friend lose her life to cancer. She got a boyfriend and is doing better. You were a great daughter to her and your mom enjoyed every year you had together. Look at the kind of woman you turned out to be and your mother had a role in that. You are a gifted artist and writer. You follow your dreams you are a great mother to your kids. Everyone has a right to their feelings. If you pass on before me I’ll cry myself to sleep every night. You can’t be replaced. But if I were to guess you would outlive me with all my diabetes problems i have. its a very serious illness and if im having trouble at 37 doesnt look good moving forward. keep in touch annmarie and be well


      • AH, parents I know the ups and downs well being on both sides, a daughter and a parent. Your parents know the amazing son they have in you! You’re going to go on a good long time my friend. And, I hope to do the same, though I’ve got a decade or two on you! Someday, I’ll go to the big Italian kitchen in the sky and when I’m there you know I’ll be a ‘smilin down😁
        Keepin’ the faith🌹


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