when two human beings
cherish each other enough
to link as one,
the only orientation
that should matter
is that of their hearts


frog and friend (detail) painted years ago

And to all you terrific moms out there, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


The Reversal

This is a special post for my friend, Fawn of Trigger’s Horse. One of my recent posts, showed a detail from this painting. Fawn had asked if she could see the painting in its entirety. Because Fawn is such a lovely and special lady, her wish has been granted. I created this piece when I was in my 20’s. The concept behind it is simple – what if – what if American history was different? What if roles had been reversed? I loathe not only slavery, but the very concept at its brutal core.
So here it is Fawn – in its entirety. “The Reversal”
warDream well, my friend…

Off With Their Heads!

Dear Friends,
It’s ‘amazing’ this United States – this glistening “city upon a hill.” The history behind Puritan America and the English Civil War – as with any documented birthing – was freakishly inhumane at many turns. The pains, and I mean pains suffered to eventually separate church and state ‘somewhat.’ I had no idea what I was getting into when I selected, Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul at our local library. For the past week, I’ve listened to John Barry’s book on CD, beginning with the days in merry old England when kings were whacking off ears, boring holes through tongues, and my personal favorite hanging the offender, then cutting him down while still alive, castrating – dare he think about procreating, disembowling and finally chopping off ye head and skewering the distasteful object on a stick.

My ever-vigilant sixteen-year-old, mentioned Roger Williams College as a place of interest for furthering her education. I hadn’t put it together, until I realized Roger Williams was one in the same. This man’s story is a fascinating one. Oh, I’ve decided I like Roger Williams very much. He chose the “chaos of freedom and the loneliness of it,” to wealth, comfort and political power. He held the fundamental idea of live and let live. He sought religious toleration of all and for all. Roger Williams was an original thinker. He was also decent, caring and an uber-intelligent human being.

I’ll like Roger Williams even more if he doesn’t cost $60,000 a year 😉



Thank you. May you dream your ears remain attached so your dreams don’t fall out…
Scat created while under duress of listening to repetitive hung, drawn and quartered scenarios…