Outside the Window

My Friends,

Outside the window buildings twirl into the clouds
Inside are wisps of twisted thought
Up in the skies are throbbing raptor hearts
Inside are thumps of programmed expectancy
Westward are sands that time cannot shift
Inside – the tap, tap, tap of an egg timer
Under the waters coral architects sculpt
Inside are teardrops falling down a drain
Outside the window the world plays against the glass
Inside the sun stops reaching
big skyMay you dream while awake…


Mall Walkers and Snakes

My Friends,
During these freezing New York temps, the giant husband and I move our morning walks indoors. We enjoy extending breezy, “good mornings” to the tiny, senior parade marching through the mall at dawn’s light. Yes, the giant husband and I follow the senior circuit. We too, march along the mall’s orange footprint route.
orange foot Four times around the mall is two miles. During these little trips we’ve learned a few things: Don’t take with your wallet. Elderly folks who walk everyday do so with a smile. The giant husband and I must always walk faster than the tiny senior parade. Some elderly folks can walk really fast.
giant husband tiny walkersTwo lovely mall walkers, Gerri and Pat, were gracious enough to pose with the giant husband. I told them I had a blog and would like to use this image. They gave a resounding, “YES,” while still smiling they added, “we don’t have computers but our children do and we’ll keep an eye out for our picture.” 🙂

Sometimes to maintain a brisk walking pace, I imagine we’re mice and there is a large snake looming behind…
Snake MouseThank you. May you dream of peaceful walks with friends.
Photos taken last week. Snake and mouse rendered in marker for a project.