about birds

Ah, we female birds
so plain and dull
sitting upon our nests
obliged to keep our eggs warm
and what do you do
fly off with your freshly preened
brilliant red plumage
to seduce another dull female
while we colorless squatters
do not complain
understanding the urge to wander
is in your nature
so we dust-feathered, will teach troops of earnest chicks
and you will be crowned master of ceremony
for a parade of dull females
red-crested woodpeckerI was just light-hearting the prose up a bit – no offense to many a good man.  🙂
Red-crested woodpecker done with watercolor marker and Prisma pencil a few weeks ago

4 thoughts on “about birds

  1. You know, I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I only learned that female birds are the “duller,” less colorful ones a few years back; I was devastated. You know something else? National Poetry Month has been good for you; you need a whole lot more Aprils so you can keep writing poetry. And, finally, here’s something I’m sure you know: your artwork is grand!


    • That always bugged me about birds – why most – not all – but most males of the species are so very gorgeous while the females plain jane it 😉 I know their neutral colors are their camouflage – but gee whiz…a little splash of color never hurts 😉
      As far as the poetry, I read my last few over today and…
      thank you though, Deb – you’re kind to say so…
      am 🙂


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