Riding the Cyclone

cyclone milliethey say you can never go back
she did, at 79
the magic of optimism
in her breast
returning to Coney Island
for the ride of her life
a young man locked her in
brave nana, kneecaps knocking
beneath that padded bar
she didn’t look back
only forward
at the dropping parallel lines
stomach lifting steel
smiling, laughing, screaming
on this Halloween
she leaps another year to the right
considering each 365, a dazzling gift
nothing about her has changed much
her remarkable passion
her boundless spirit
why, in 80 years
the only thing that has changed
is the ticket price
her first ride cost twenty-five cents
last month, the Cyclone was twelve dollars

shy party doghappy birthday, mom
millie at 79

14 thoughts on “Riding the Cyclone

  1. This is a wonderful tribute to your beautiful mom, AnnMarie. I do hope you share it with her.

    I admire her youthfulness, her “remarkable passion” and “boundless spirit” — you can see both in her eyes and in her smile. She’s incredibly youthful, that’s for sure, and a wonderful role model. You’re very lucky to have this special woman in your life.



  2. Happy birthday to this wonderful gal! Somehow, I think she’d like the word “gal” 🙂 Love the pic….love the enthusiasm! She absolutely must be a member of the rejuvenatement club 🙂


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