party on, Nina

those eyes still haunt me
huge echoing eyes
and that small painful smile
you had so many other smiles
why is it the small one I remember
and the effort you took to make it
just for me
if I focus, I can see the bright smiles
your black shining eyes, icing on the cake
back when you were healthy
before life decided what it wanted to do with you
as it will all of us
God, I miss you still
Glenn Miller helps
singing and swinging up there on a cloud of pasta
and chicken soup with tiny meatballs
party on, Nina
party on

My Charlie

My Charlie

Charlie was a great pink stuffed dog that Nina gave me many Christmases ago…

16 thoughts on “party on, Nina

  1. Love of our pet children is everlasting. I lost my Sassy over a year ago and I still remember the joy she brought to my life, but now it doesn’t hurt anymore that she’s gone. Lovely words and image for Charlie.


  2. Interesting how eyes are something that stay with us – I’ve been thinking about this lately – remembering my dad’s eyes and my sister’s, when I think of them.


  3. Beautiful tribute….special people become a part of us and they “pop out,” come to mind, remind us they’re still with us…when a memory comes to mind, or we take out the old albums. Thinking of you thinking of Nina….


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