6 thoughts on “kind beauty in her young eyes

  1. Beautiful work. Beautiful daughter. Hope you are having a good Monday. I saw the movie ’47 meters down’ it was a good scary shark movie like Jaws starring Mandy Moore. I am feeling good writing more chapters of my book. Tomorrow I am going on a walk with a friend. Nice to get out. My sugars are good. My goal for the rest of this year and 2018 is stay stable and also continue to better my diabetes and lower that A1C. The a1C takes time to lower. But I have cut out a lot of foods and dieting right. I also keeping up with the quitting smoking. I feel tempted to smoke sometimes but I don’t and the nicotine is out of my system so I don’t need the patch or gum I just got to keep up the strong will and want to quit like i do. ttys

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    • thank you, Dan
      ooo, a shark movie – Jaws is my all time favorite – it will be hard to top
      glad your numbers are good
      don’t smoke! that is all
      my mother-in-law stopped after 60 years of a heavy habit, but now she can’t go outside in summer – she can’t breathe – COPD all from smoking

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