my beautiful mother coming home by week’s end, her road to recovery is still to be traveled

hey dad

this is Vito at the FBI range for practice

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all you amazing role models!

II. sweet, sweet Camille

the original layout was really buggin’ me, this is a redo and edit, apologies – couldn’t leave Millie that way –
A glorious Mother’s Day to all you fabulous mothers!

bella Carmella

when I mock sing
Italian opera
I think of you
your voice
gorgeous and liquid
transcends she does
her bella Carmella voice
her fantastic smile
the young life in those enchanted eyes
out glittering the sparkly attire she enjoys wearing
brighter still the personality beneath those bedazzled fabrics
effervescent in style
in life
spirited as a child
genuine embraces
warmer than any Paul Bunyan’s giant arms could offer

endlessly enchanted am I
of you
your zeal, your zest
passion beyond anything I might ever acquire
but continually strive for
because you are relentless
in your drive for motion
stunning in beauty
out, in and all about
and when I mock sing
Italian opera
this year
I will do so in Italian
the language of my ancestors
I’m enrolling in
bella Carmella’s autumn Italian class
for beginners
ready am I to learn
from the most fabulous woman
in my world

I adore you
mother of mine
millie at 79Carmella, 80 years of age pictured here

Wrapping Birthday Time

If it were humanly possible I’d wrap time up in a sturdy box. I’d bind that amazing box with ribbon so secure, time would have no other choice but to stop.
me with carolineI’d paint portrait after portrait to freeze my children’s beautiful faces in their most innocent moments.

Max and Caroline

Max and Caroline

I’d fill our home with festive balloons year round so my children would stay young forever.

I’d bake rainbow cakes piled so high with color, all escape routes would be blocked.
bday cakeBut there is no sturdy box to hold time, only birthday gifts wrapped in pretty foil bows and birthday pizza cookies.

I can paint all the portraits I desire but each canvas will only reflect an older face.

Caroline detail

Caroline detail

I can make our dog wear the goofy birthday hat instead of my children, but he won’t enjoy it, and their birthdays will still arrive.
rocky with har

And my children will continue growing up and growing wiser than their silly mother…

Caroline Hands Crossed

Caroline Hands Crossed

Happy Birthday, dearest delicate daughter.