mermaid dreams


masquerade ball tonight!


I’m going
are you?
Harry Connick, Jr. on the grand piano
a shimmering pearl finish
lacquered thickly like my hair
for this glorious evening
you see
I need to shine for you
red, considered a “red” gown
too contrived
silver and black
low back, very
one of several choices laid across my empty bed
I can’t have you believing
my repressed desires
are you familiar with the rules of masquerade?
one never appears truthful
all move slowly and purposefully uttering complete nonsense
if I could slip my skin for this luminous gala I would
shine brighter
remove years of doubt to sparkle with youth’s luster
but this ball is twenty years too late
I am sorry

the dark has been a lover this decade
I only attend high parties at night
come here now, that’s right move in near this screen
I am giving up one small fabulous secret
is it quiet where you are right now?
slow your breathing and hear me, please
after midnight
when all the guests are drunk and fantasies allow magic
look across the enormous dance floor
below the swinging chandeliers

Harry Connick, Jr. is playing, “the very thought of you”
there, a black velvet curtain
open the concealed ornate doors
descend the thirty wide steps
into the expansive outdoor sculpture garden
I adore the moon here
you will too
when you arrive at the great deep fountain
like a mermaid beneath the irrepressible light
through the water
I will be swimming

(whispering all the delirious ways I want you)
with every breath saved

are you familiar with the rules of masquerade, my love?
one never appears truthful

scar glasses

scar glasses

a masked lady to save this piece-yes, another damsel drawn on printer paper while on a substitute teacher break-ink and pencil
she’s also made a few appearances – thank you
happy weekend!

the trickster mermaid

gripped in the shade black of this moment
not wanting to risk a toenail of sunshine
can’t lose anymore for fear of stagnation
along the path that leads to a colorless nowhere
hoping the road is paved with witches and warlocks and all manner of magic

if their wicked wands cease
so go the white rabbits
falling into the ocean
one leaping over the other
sinking like stones
where wicked wands and white rabbits must wait
for a one-legged, orange octopus to utter, “he is happy”

the trickster mermaid
a one-legged tale

it was many stormy fathoms ago that the orange octopus sacrificed his body
to a trickster mermaid who desired winsomely wild, orange hair
he’d traded his appendages for the promise of writing success
you see, his sea creature heart stowed dreams of penning a cherished tome

overcome by the trickster mermaid’s outrageous beauty
the orange octopus agreed to give his arms over
he didn’t think he’d mind as his eight arms often tripped him up
in this blinding moment, he’d forgotten the futility of holding pens without arms
finally when some sense returned to him, all but one of his arms remained
and the manic mollusc began shedding salty tears

being more partial to pepper, the trickster mermaid was unfazed until
she caught sight of her gorgeously curving tendrils
then a tiny pearl of mercy did she reveal
and the trickster mermaid allowed the orange octopus to keep one arm
(it was slightly shorter than the others anyway)

infatuated with her own outrageous beauty
the trickster mermaid watched her new curves sway as her head moved
she spoke aloud all the while staring at her reflection,
“my dear slimy sea thing, the day wicked wands and white rabbits sink to the bottom of the ocean
your arms will regenerate and your penned words will be heard”

the orange octopus halted his hysteria and quickly replied, “but my wish was for writing success”
still entranced with herself, the trickster mermaid parlayed,
“ah my dear, one-legged sea sucker, not even I can promise success”
she cackled viciously while observing how her hair swayed

then the trickster mermaid grew bored of the sobbing mollusc,
she left the distraught one-legged orange octopus with this,
“my dear, one-legged water waste, wicked wands and white rabbits
do not exist” she cackled once more then vanished into the deep blue forever

within his dour and damaged heart the one-legged orange octopus held out krill-sized hope
for wicked wands and white rabbits to one day appear
now all he needed to do was write

Mermaid Girl

Mermaid Girl

obviously this mermaid is not the trickster mermaid, this little lady has a kind heart;)

floating lazy girl

cheap sheers billowing
sails concave free of their masts
distant rumbling trains replace desolate ship moans
generous skies mimic seas of powder blue
flailing sparrow songs octaves up
high-altitude seagulls perhaps
aromatic sea salts stuffed
in cardboard cylinders
it’s been awhile since I’ve slept on warm sand
can’t remember the last time I heard laughter on the beach
needed the ocean today
settled for the Lazy Boy by the window
sipping modest merlot
waiting for the undertow to pull me out to sea
lazy girl

Mermaid Girl

Mermaid Girl

rendered a few months ago

the ocean’s power

twenty lifetimes of burden for one to bear
is unjust
life asks so much of some
while requesting so little of others
the waves you cherish
float sorrow along
when you’re ready to let go
let the bad memories sink
to a place where they can no longer drown your thoughts
or consume your heart
perhaps there will come a time
where the waters won’t be so tumultuous
peace will ripple
and sailing on a cool breeze
through silent ocean blue
an aqua-eyed mermaid
with delicate feet
and hair spun of flaxen gold
will find you
welcome her with open arms
allow yourself
and the power of
the magical ocean
find the peace you seek

dolphindolphin created with markers, a touch of acrylic and some ‘ocean’ water 😉 for an upcoming project

Siren Songs and Spiced Lattes

caroline in oceanthe search for promises hooked on the bait of allure
wayward craft sluice through the flesh of midnight waters
spiraling granite beacons battle webs of mist
call the siren home
shimmering wooden planks skim frothing foam
tumbling waves mash what once was settled

they speak over spiced lattes
brewed with heady steam
and spinning mugs of gathering tea leaves
sea salt scones infused with elderberry compote
shimmering words skim linen napkins
and they begin to believe once more

May you dream of beautiful sirens calling you home.
During his first journey to the Americas, Columbus spied several “mermaids” off the prow of his ship.

Photo of delicate daughter at Lake Champlain, VT in 2006
West Indian Manatee (endangered species) created 2 weeks ago using marker and pencil and ocean water 🙂
This post is dedicated to D. Levy an inspiring, talented writer and friend. Read Deb’s short story, “At the Beach,” published in Cleaver magazine.


House Mermaids

Dear Friends,
Look ’round your home. If you have a daughter, you have a mermaid. A beautiful, lovely creature who’s sometimes unsure of where she fits in. She is playful like the seal, but can be stormy like the sea. She adores her sparkling fin but pines for shoes. She is bold as the barracuda, when she’s not ‘hermitting’ within a vacated shell. She cherishes her hair, but would trade it to save the world.
lil mermaidMy little mermaid above, and my other little mermaid below.

Mermaid Girl

Mermaid Girl

Thank you. May you dream of swimming with dolphins and whales upon a sparkling sea…
Delicate Daughter Mermaid taken in Vermont 2007,
Earth Mermaid created after getting mad at daughter for her messy room.