9 thoughts on “distant

    • That’s perfect cause I’m not much of an “art gal” πŸ˜‰ I’m in an ever-constant state of striving-to-improve, both writing and art.
      I do enjoy marrying art with words though,
      and do so with a little smirk
      I truly appreciate your kind and uplifting words here.

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  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie I met Maria tonight we went to the same support group she gave me a ride home. She is very nice. Things went well. She is very smart. She is like me she likes her sweets and I am giving them up for my health. She is funny. She is kind and thoughtful. I got a great new friend. Also great news my other friend Zev I lost touch with I met in the hospital are meeting up at tomorrow’s group in the city. Zev and I were pretty tight back in the day it should be a warm emotional homecoming. I got to do another AnnMarie Musical. You are an inspiration.

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