strumming for peace

in homage to Bob Marley

not where I live

Today, I’d like to write something about me.
Not from a clever place.
That’s not where I live.

Rather, I am someone who picks at her scabs
and watches them fall into Rorschach patterns
on the foot-flattened carpet.

Insignificant silhouettes that go unnoticed,
except by those fascinated with inkblots and
inexplicable stains.

communal totem

commandeering a seahorse

have I lost you
is there no going back
will a bat-signal to Superman
reverse the planet
and give me one last chance
I’ll be brave this time
leaping into the frigid waters
to commandeer Aquaman’s seahorse
I’ll telepathically summon all manner of swimming creature
to aid my plight
then I’ll leap from the waves
higher than Lone Ranger
donning Iron Man’s suit
and jettison into the night sky
once in the black, I’ll lasso every star
ricochet the multitude across the oceans
to illuminate the entire planet
and when you’re found
I’ll rip open my flying cape and show you
the words sewn into the lining
hidden there
for fear I’d fall from the sky
if I’m honest now
I won’t need my flying cape

just as long as you’re a superhero too

Seabiscuit Shell

Seabiscuit Shell

other than being a somewhat seahorse, the art doesn’t really jive with the words, it will have to do for now until I have more time to create more art – sorry:)