defenseless armor

sad, tragic for earth, for us, is the loss of this magnificent beast-the last male northern white rhino-gone-that is all


earth tomorrow

 back ally voices rise up from dark corners
let the cave of swallows empty

sun breached chords stroking notes
melodies mottle across the landscape
unclear to deaf ears
voices can scissor the future
dense green forests cut into ribbons
let not the rusted refuse stain the plains
rock the mountains
there can be no life without
let it shape new rivers
feed the world
blacken the soil to harvest full

tomorrow, tomorrow
babydetail from a piece painted long ago on canvas sheet

chiseled stallion manes

a grand canyon
opens upon herself
deliberate in need
a succubus of blazing color
lifted from sunken oyster shells
bewitched by desert suns
he, Bryce
wild stallion manes

chiseled of stone
breaking gravity
powdered blue with atmosphere
tawny bleached

breathless creations
we limited to human-ness
can only admire

skeleton stallion

skeleton stallion

many years ago, I saw the Grand  Canyon and believed her lovely, but I was exceptionally amazed at the unusual beauty of Bryce Canyon, Utah
the background in this sketch is an homage to Bryce

The Magnificent Firefly

Dear Friends,
Imagine our inner-light glowing brightly outside our skin. How the world could peacefully glisten. Calm, warm light tinted with golden rod, blue fire and white sand sparkling against night’s tapestry of transient stars.

We sometimes believe ourselves dim, refusing to acknowledge the wings on our backs or the power of our inner-light.



To be bold like a firefly. How mesmerizing they are. Their diaphanous illuminations flitting through the velvet dark, oblivious to manmade concoctions. They brighten the blue-black air and pull the stars closer to earth.

If firefly light joined man, oh, how the planet would smile – bathed in a comforting glow like children ’round a campfire…

firefishThank you and goodnight. May you flit within your velvety dream and wake up glowing…

Wing-less created with Prisma pencil on paper, July 8, 2014 after a late-night walk among fireflies
Fish/bug Morph, acrylic on canvas, 1998