and the crows fall

had a new piece, and the crows fall, published in Panoply, A Literary Zine – a most excellent journal

thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

6 thoughts on “and the crows fall

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie I am feeling sick had a bit too much to eat trying to lie down and relax. It happens when you are tired and recovery you don’t always use that common sense to take care of yourself. I miss writing but my mind needs resting and healing. They have done a lot of work on my meds. My goals need to be smaller and more important like self care for the moment. I shaved today. I am glad I am doing some self care stuff. Next week will be stressful I have a lot of appts. I see my pdoc and that will be stressful talking about the hospitalization and meds. I feel like the illness and meds have taken my writing my passion away from me for the mean time. That is stressful but 9 days out of the hospital you really got to put your mental health first and I got to rest and find other ways to cope. On a positive note when I look at the big picture I made the right choice to go to the hospital this last time I was very depressed and it was a poor quality of life. Now I am feeling much better but just tired from the adjustments and new meds. I see the path to recovery in front of me. I just got to learn to have patience. ttys

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