Peppermint Pigs, Not Pickles

Peppermint PigsI still remember about two decades ago being amazed that a Christmas enthusiast such as myself had never heard of Peppermint Pigs—hard-candy peppermint (pig-shaped of course) broken into sharable pieces for good luck in the new year. I also recall learning about the Christmas Pickle, but due to studio ventilation issues at the time, I opted for pig models over vinegar.😉

I enjoyed creating this piece a few years back for my talented friend, DS Levy. ‘Twas my first crack at a peppermint family🎄 click to check out DS Levy’s creative mind!

5 thoughts on “Peppermint Pigs, Not Pickles

  1. AM, I had no idea you created your adorable Peppermint Pigs just for me!!! I’m humbled and honored — and do you know what? Just the other day I pulled my copy out and marveled at it and hung it up once again for the season. Bless your heart, my dear friend (and thank you for sharing a link to my work, too)! May the Christmas Spirit be with you and your family this year. Vito was right — you are an angel 😇 🎄 ⛄️

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    • Friendship ’tis the only thing that would have inspired me to paint pink piggies😁 – true friends are better than peppermint luck!
      Ah, DS one of the best things from my entire blog experience has been your friendship!
      Here’s to good cheer, great friends, and climbing that freakin’ publishing mountain together (so when one of us passes out-the other has the oxygen tank standing by!😅)
      merry, merry🎄
      ps if i do have a halo – it’s only to hide the little red horns beneath😈😅

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