Peppermint Pigs, Not Pickles

Peppermint PigsI still remember about two decades ago being amazed that a Christmas enthusiast such as myself had never heard of Peppermint Pigs‚ÄĒhard-candy peppermint (pig-shaped of course) broken into sharable pieces for good luck in the new year. I also recall learning about the Christmas Pickle, but due to studio ventilation issues at the time, I opted for pig models over vinegar.ūüėČ

I enjoyed creating this piece a few years back for my talented friend, DS Levy. ‘Twas my first crack at a peppermint familyūüéĄ click to check out DS Levy’s creative mind!

The Legend of an Angry Catwoman

My Friends,
The legend of Wampus Cat speaks of a Native American woman of breathtaking beauty who possessed a passion for knowledge. A passion that would ultimately bind her in fur and claw.

Wampus Cat
Daring¬†to learn¬†the sacred stories of magic,¬†she stole under the¬†cloak¬†of night and mountain cat-hide to¬†eavesdrop on¬†tribal¬†elders.¬†Medicine Man sensed something amiss¬†and¬†she was soon discovered. As punishment, Medicine Man transformed her. With one¬†stroke of his mighty hand, her body absorbed the mountain-cat hide she wore. She morphed¬†into a wicked creature¬†destined¬†to roam the woods and hills¬†forever alone. She never¬†acquired the knowledge she so desperately desired. She was¬†educated in rage. Her mind knew what she’d become. Forever…

So¬†if¬†you¬†venture into the forest deep, and should you hear the crack of wood or the soft patter of a two-hundred pound cat woman, you best run. There is no smooth-talking Wampus Cat – you’ll only piss her off.
Wampus Cat Thank you. May you cuddle with sweet kittens and pampered pooches. And hopefully, Wampus Cat stays in the forest.

Wampus Cat sketched today while beautiful snow was falling. This sketch is unfinished. She needs ¬†work and I’m unsure about the tail – could look unnecessarily ‘phalic’¬†(might be a bad thing for an agitated woman). Final render will cover Wampus in black fur and white¬†teeth ūüôā