I can never say enough

about my beautiful mom who’s smiling down today and every day❤️

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you spectacular moms🌹!

Millie shown here at 25 years of age with my sis Grace:)
Geez man, I wish I had been blessed with that gorgeous broad smile!

14 thoughts on “I can never say enough

    • Thanks DS. You know firsthand how can and will never stop writing about Millie’s spectacular smile:) It’s something I hold onto for dear life:)

      Ah, I’ll take the overly-generous compliment, but oh, how I wish I had that movie star Millie smile.😁


      • Oh, VJ

        I’m truly sorry for the loss of your beautiful mom. It never is easy – not really.

        I can tell you now that what people have written, spoken and sung about since the dawn of loss is true – time does ease the pain and hollowness –

        when I think of my mom now – rather than break into tears, I smile knowing that joyful woman was in my life (if I’m being completely honest, sometimes the tears do still sneak in here and there)
        Sending hugs and warm thoughts your way❤️ AnnMarie

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    • Ah, that she did John:) And I do miss it so.

      All good here. I’ve been around WP for a while now and the hands-down best part for me is the friends you meet and chat with over the years:) Hugs back. I hope all is going well for you out there in blinky town;)

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