chandeliers and picnic tables

there was this Chinese retaurant
it appeared one day
the previous tenant was a dollar store merchant
the kitchen went up faster than a flip tent
the cuisine, I can’t remember
what I do recall
is the decor
chandeliers hanging over picnic tables
it wasn’t right at all
but you know, those swanky lights
casting fractal beams
across distressed picnic tables
that belonged beneath iron lamp posts
are what brought me back
not the food
the smiles
the giggles
we ate there a few times
then as quickly as the restaurant had appeared
it vanished
like a traveling circus
I remember thinking
and hoping
those crystal lights and wooden tables
were off on another journey
to make merry the hearts of adults
who believed chandeliers
and picnic tables
were not ever meant
to be together
Travelin' Man

art previously published


The Colors of Humanity

Imagine our earth a giant color wheel
each of us a gorgeous dot of pigment
equal reds, equal greens, all colors equal

but we humans don’t think in terms of equal
quite as much as we should
we are alike
but ‘enjoy’ thinking otherwise
we tend to shove one another around
crash head to head
  we cancel each other out
and become void
we choose to destroy our brilliance

if we agreed

equal to be equal
equal reds, equal greens
if we learned to stand
side by side
what beauty there would be

on the color wheel they call this complimenting
on the earth we’d call it peace
parrotI can’t think of a more beautiful, earthly color coexistent than a parrot
parrot in Prisma pencil done around 2002

opposing colors on the color wheel are called complimentary because when placed side by side they brighten, when these same colors are mixed in equal measure, they create a neutral or gray