Little Shoes to Fill

My Friends,
Long ago I promised myself I wouldn’t morph into a stereotypical mother. That mom wants to shove her big son’s, size 14 feet into toddler shoes again. That mom wants to place a puppy-patterned hat on her sixteen-year-old daughter’s head.
Max and Caroline

Single digit temperatures have forced me and the giant husband indoors. During yesterday’s mall-walk while following orange footprints affixed to tile, a scant tear pooled in the corner of my eye. A beautiful little dress with flowers bursting like a spring garden along its hemline had caught my attention. I imagined the delicate daughter, my Caroline twirling in it. Her toddler cheeks rosy pink and her giggling as pure as the precious white dress.
little dress

Then wouldn’t you know my other eye formed a tiny tear as we passed by the toddler shoes. I remembered the big son – my Max – running down our old, wood-lined driveway. Back then, his hair stuck straight up as if in perpetual shock and he loved wearing work boots. The work boots gave him a ‘thumpy’ gait and made his diapered rear end bounce from side to side. This beloved memory is forever velcroed to my heart.
little shoe

Caroline and Max are no longer small. I’ve had the joy of watching their shoe sizes change. They’ve grown into warm-hearted and gracious teens. Still I pray, when they walk into adulthood they never forget the simple goodness of wearing little shoes.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve become a walking cliché. 🙂

Thank you. May you dream of following the footsteps of happiness.

Max and Caroline painted long ago with acrylic craft paint. I plan on redoing this painting someday. It needs more cool colors. I’m not too happy with it, but it worked for the post. Both photos taken yesterday morning at the Newburgh Mall. Sorry – I don’t know who designed the dress or the workboots.

Generation tXt

The delicate daughter and the big son both abide by their home’s Cell Phone Credo:

1. Thou shall not use cell phones at the dinner table or any other table where there are real people.
2. Thou shall not text while in the presence of adult human company.
3. Thou shall love people better than cellphones, iPads, tablets, MP3 Players, iPods, Blackberrys or anything else that doesn’t have a real mouth.
4. Thou shall inform their friends of the Cell Phone Credo, because if friends have cellphones at said table, they will be most embarrassed by thy mom or giant dad. 

I find Generation tXt a little depressing. I know technology is fabulous. It allows me to reach others oceans away. But there’s something about observing kids in the same room, all friends – texting. Are they texting other friends? Are there not enough friends in the room to converse with? Are they actually conversing with each other, but only appear as if they’re texting? Are cell phones more comforting than flesh friends?

To their well-intended detriment, many teens write what they say, but often times, it’s not what they mean. This underdeveloped texting technique leads to many a miscommunication. Perhaps, more evolved body language emojis (like the example below) could help. No child would be left behind trying to dissect the meanings of unclear text messages.

This dilemma leaves me pondering two things:

1. Will the next generation of humans be born with ginormous thumbs?

2. Will there be emoji education?
 A while back I was embarrassed to learn, I was texting my daughter poop, when I thought I was being sweet and sending her chocolates…
poop emoji