never forgotten

thank you.

against a thick crimson sky

lone soldier

this day is not ours to decide
it is done
some had no choice
sacrifices made
youthful years in hell
bodies and minds disabled
parentless children
forever missing
white markers
against a thick crimson sky
we commemorate those
living daily nightmares
eternal memories stowed
in footlockers
those of us 
untouched by blood
this day stand beside
those who act(ed) honorably
who often return(ed) alone
these dutiful hearts
must never
sense anything
but respect
pop Germanymy father-in-law while stationed in Germany
below, enjoying his US return
with his beautiful girl who was to become my mother-in-law
below that photo, one from 1919 LeMans, France
my father-in-law’s father #95
war returnLeMans, France 1919

VIPs are Very Important Patriots

Dear Friends,
Many Americans live lives relatively sheltered from international heartache. The fact I was remiss in writing a “Thanks to Vets,” post reminds me of how comfortable I am. I have much to be appreciative and thankful for. In my fervor to rework by buggish blog, I overlooked creating a thank you post for American Veterans everywhere. I apologize for my blogcentricities of late.

Thank you Veterans…

Lone Soldier
Thank you. May you dream of freedom for all people.

Lone Soldier sketch originally created for 9/11 post.