leave it to a cartoon pig

trying to get at something
I can’t quite reach from the ground
there is no sleeping in slumber
no resting for the restless
hurriedly living to stamp personal honors on crowded individuality
some methodically hiding to avoid the same
embracing or effacing, the certain weightlessness of our heavy conclusion
this finite fact of our infinite fiction
depending on where the cord has been cut
a lifeline, a noose, a kite string
we enter
we exit

“…that’s all folks”
(leave it to a cartoon pig to shame us into reality)

Peppermint Pigs

Peppermint Pigs


13 thoughts on “leave it to a cartoon pig

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! Gotta pace myself 13 songs left I am exhausted I wrote a song for my friend’s 8 yr old granddaughter. Beautiful song. Taking a break to rest my mind taking a nap then reading a little ‘Love of the monster’ my sister loves the drawings she wanted to read it I got it first! Greatest book ever!

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      • Your welcome as I said the last song went for AnnMarie gotta say the best for last on ‘My Leading Ladies’ award winning musical. I appreciate your friendship and you sending me the free book. I am on a vacation from writing. Playing videogames now. Fun fun. Social media is toxic too much politics. You have to have a stomach for that some people go nutty with it. I need rest I am mentally exhausted. But I am happy at all I achieved. I always whip out the greatest book ever ‘Love of the monster’ and read it when I need some stress relief. Lovely writing from an lovely woman. AnnMarie you are a role model for women today not into yourself though you could due to overly beautiful self, with and prescise comic timing and extreme talent but you stay humble, generous and kind to others. Very much like Rita Santos why I wrote her a musical. Maybe we will see an ‘AnnMarie The Musical’ in the future if I was a betting man I’d bet all odds on it. AnnMarie=Number One!

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      • thank you, Dan
        I think many folks are feeling the way you do about social media – me included
        I need to take a break as well – I’ve been stepping back a bit – so I do apologize for the delayed responses here too

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      • No apologies needed. Yea social media is unhealthy right now. I deal with my stress off it through music. My musical has been fun and we are seeing some very creative stuff coming out. Love you AnnMarie!

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      • I’m backing way off social media. I’m creating a schedule for myself and sticking to it – music is also another great way of maintaining the sanity
        let’s both hang in there, Dan!

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      • Yea I only go on facebook to share my link to my songs for the musical ‘Hannah and Natalie The Musical’ today was Natalie’s birthday so I wrote her 3 beautiful songs wishing her happy birthday that were nice. I like Natalie I hope I get to know her better but I am giving it a little time and space. She knows I like her. Yea I am keeping this musical sweet to distract myself. AnnMarie you should watch The Simpsons thats a good distraction for me I pop in a season or two and it helps. Stay well my beloved friend AnnMarie!

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  2. Okay, keeping this simple …
    1. Love those pigs (always have) – just looking at them brings me great joy (so I’m staring)
    2. This poem is heavy & dense in the best sense, and that 7th line is where the whole message gets serious as hell, and yes, you bet, even a tad depressing (which is cool, I like depressing) until we get to the pig’s quote which, as you say, shames us all by its direct and utter simplicity; it cuts to the chase.
    3. This little (for you anyway, shorter) gem is like a rock in the pocket, weighty and solid, yet it has a light, buoyant ending that’s almost joyful.
    4. Brilliant, my friend.

    And don’t “thank” me for my comments here, but rather hear what my words say and take them into your heart so that you can trust yourself just as your readers trust you and your words. [And watch that M. Ruefle video-I’m tellin’ ya, I think you might get something from it, see that that curtain hiding the Wizard is simply made of gossamer or tulle [got that word from you]].

    P.S. I lied. I went long, a little more complicated than I promised. 🙂

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    • thank you for breaking it out – I was in a mood when I wrote this and yet couldn’t end this piece the way I felt which was down – thank you and I must thank you always for your insightful words – they often help me look at my work from different angles –


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