my monsters

I gotta do it – push a little – nudge a bit – dream the thing flies off the digital shelf so I can tell my kiddies – ‘hey guys, look what mom has got goin’ on!’
I haven’t been doing enough promo for the ebook version of this near-and-dear-to-my-heart book
The ebook version has a new poem and the illustrations are in glorious color – I’ve swapped drawings for paintings for several pieces too
So without further ado and $2.99😄my, love of the monster
I’m hoping you love monsters too, ’cause if you don’t, you’re missing a piece of yourself❤
I’ve linked to the biggest monster of ’em all – AMAZON (the prime hairs on your neck should be up😉)


rolling off a flat world

I truly enjoy returning to older pieces and completely reworking them. I rarely like my original versions. I hack away the meat until only the marrow remains, then I throw out the skeleton and bury the bones.

I am vain

This piece inspired by my face, currently a disaster of stress rash. Apparently, holding back, in an attempt to be monstrously strong, isn’t good for you. I can now use my face like a 70’s mood ring. Never believed I was vain, but lately I’m hiding in the shadows along with my creatures.

a long time in the making

After experiencing several monster-sized issues, my eBook is now available. Truth be told, post-problems it was ready in late January, but at the time, I had not the heart to promote it. So without further ado – some new illustrations and a new poem too – love of the monster – is yours for the downloading (oh and a tiny $2.99)

thank you