Mikhail In Charcoal & Conte Crayon

AnnMarie Roselli-Kissack:

Dear Friends,
I want to brag about Bob. First let me start with his exquisite wildlife photography. These animals, you could touch. The clarity of their fur, the crystal nuances of their eyes beckon you to enter their world. These animals breath and the digital device they live in fogs up. Bob’s images also do something else quite miraculous – they remind us all how imperative it is – to save each and every species of intoxicating creature on this planet.
Now wait, I’m not done yet. Bob is not only a spectacular photographer, he insists on making me look really bad with his uber-sublime flora and fauna renderings. Yes, Bob is also an outrageous artist. I’m convinced this man is magical as are his superior talents…

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I was enthused by my first attempt at producing artwork from my photographic captures yesterday. I made a trip to my local Fred Meyer store that is kind of a large department store carrying a little bit of everything. To me they resemble a Walmart with a fill grocery store inside.

I located the art supply area of the store where I found a really nicely stocked couple of aisles. I found a selection of charcoal sticks as well as paper Tortillons, a type of art stomp used to smear pencil and charcoal with a lot more control than just using your finger. The stomp allowed me to do most of the shading on Mikki’s forearms and facial area. I also picked up a few sticks of white charcoal for highlight areas. It’s too difficult trying to work in negative relief without them. Again, I’m out of practice.

I’m still working…

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Christmas Creatures

Dear Friends,
I love my monsters and was thinking I’d like to create more after the holiday season. Then I thought, well maybe there is a wise dragon or two out there, or a toothy beast living a solitary life in a dark forest, who’d like to share our season of goodwill…

If these shy beasts sense true peace floating out from humanity, they sometimes surface – so be on the look out, my friends, for all manner of awkward, smiling Christmas creature.
Christmas CreatureThank you. May you dream of sweet creatures with cool breath and warm hearts…

Christmas Creature just finished five minutes ago – 9 PM

Earth’s Angel

Dear Friends,
As glorious as this time of year can be for some, for others it can be quite sad and horrific. Dreaming of peace on earth is juvenile. Hoping that mankind can protect every child is naive. But asking each one of us to help someone in need – adult or child – in some small way is possible.

Earth AngelThank you. Dream like a child this night…
And never stop believing in dreams or hope…

Earth’s Angel created this afternoon.
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Of Giant Husbands and Little Trees

Dear Friends,
The giant husband is in the ‘green’ business. He knows quite a bit about plants, trees and Latin roots. Every year he works six days a week then for six glorious weeks, beginning Christmas Eve, the nursery closes. He gets a well-earned rest though Rocky the Shepherd, and Mojo the Dachshund usually fail to read the memo.

A few months ago I wrote a story about the giant husband. If you’d oblige, I’d like to share an edited version of it again. Because as the saying goes, “Behind every married woman who blogs, is a giant husband.” –

Back in 2000, after giving birth to the big son son I had some complications. For five days and nights after the big son came into the world, I was hooked up to tubes, monitors and I believe there were a few pots and pans (this is where I lost my dinner preparation zest). I liken the experience to an exotic vacation minus fresh air, warm sun, bright sea or anything else pleasant. Each night when the hospital room grew dark (despite bells, whistles, alarms and flashing lights) there was the giant husband, ‘sleeping’ at the foot of my hospital bed atop two small chairs smooshed together.

Though the giant husband makes things around him appear smaller, he makes anyone around him feel grand. My Christmas gift every year is having him home for the holidays.
BP finalThank you. May you dream of someone who makes you feel grand…
Giant Husband, Delicate Daughter, Tiny Tree rendered today while listening to, It’s a Wonderful Life

A note: The other day I had the amazing fortune of talking to a selfless father and fellow blogger, Simon Tocclo of Liberian Me. The reason I bring this up here is when there are complications during birth, mothers (in the poorer areas of Africa) don’t survive. So when you dream, please dream of hope for those in need around the world…thank you.


If I Was Eight Again…

Dear Friends,
I didn’t save my childhood Christmas lists, but for some reason my 1971 Santa letter has followed me ’round from house to house. Below is the Santa letter I penned at eight-years-old. I remember my mom giving us these adorable cards to write our Christmas wish lists on.
8 Year Old Xmas List - front( My penmanship was neatest at 8 years of age) -
8 Years Old Xmas-writtenI’ve read the list above many times since 1971 always thinking what if…
My 2014 Santa list (written by my eight-year-old, inner-child) would look like this-
2014 Xmas FrontMy 1971 Santa list, with a few 2014 inner-child edits-
8 Years Old Xmas 2014Thank you. May you dream of peace on earth and in every heart…
2014 Inner-child Christmas Card rendered today after shopping and before giving art lessons.

My 1971 Santa list resulted in a pink stuffed dog named Charlie, a small zither and no rabbit. Our German Shepherd would have eaten it. :-)
I still smiled wide every Christmas…my parents made Christmas wonderful whether we got our list or not.

Of Peppermint Pigs and Promises

Dear Friends,
Sixteen years ago I learned about a 134 year-old Christmas tradition. The giant husband and I had been dining with friends during the Christmas holiday when one of the wives took out a small satchel. From the satchel fell a little hard candy, pink pig. My friend explained that the candy pig was broken and eaten for good luck in the new year. She told me breaking a Peppermint Pig was a longtime tradition. I was quite amazed and stunned that a Christmas enthusiast such as myself had never heard of a Peppermint Pig. The following year I learned about the Christmas Pickle…who knew…
Here’s a link to The New York TImes article, if you’d like to read about the Peppermint Pig’s sweet history.
Peppermint PigsNow there’s another reason for this post. A few weeks back I promised a wonderful blogging friend I’d show her how to draw a pig. So Deb, as promised, please see sketch below. It’s all about seeing the basic shapes and once you can see the shapes you will become a pig master :-)
How to PigI don’t own pigs and Rocky the Shepherd refused to wear pink, so I used a few reference photos. (I just googled pig and picked a couple: animalia-life.com, all-creatures.org, greenprophet.com)

Thank you. May you dream of good fortune and delicious Peppermint Pigs.
And in the words of Turbo Man, “Always keep your promises if you want to keep your friends.” (Jingle All the Way – Holiday Comedy starring the cinematic giant himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger)
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Turquoise Eyes

Dear Friends,

She howled through the blackest part of night
Her turquoise eyes inhaled the moon as her voice pealed across the universe
Her ivory-silver fur molded the shape of her song
Her turquoise eyes cried out for harmony as her language floated across the wind
She beckoned to the deepest part of light
The light of all living things

Turquoise EyesThank you. May you dream that all creatures live in harmony. GEEZ, I just corrected my typo PEALED – for bells, PEELED for yummy fruits and veggies ;-)

Turquoise Wolf Eyes created 2008 while chasing the kiddies around the trees…
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