Drumsticks Are For Making Music

DrumsticksDear Friends,
Turkeys across America would appreciate if all US citizens would be so kind as to take up drum playing – preferably before the fourth thursday this November. Delicious music fills the heart and soul…

Happiest of Thanksgivings to those of you who’ll be celebrating. To all else, have a wonderful few days. As for me, I’ll be hosting Thanksgivingpalooza – which includes entertaining and feeding a houseful of 20+ crazy people for several days!

Drumsticks inspired after writing Thanksgiving Day grocery list

Oscarminster, Because It’s Funday

Dear Friends,
According to Nielsen, this Thanksgiving holiday over 20 million viewers will watch The National Dog Show on NBC. The upcoming canine event reminded me of a post I published awhile back titled, Oscarminster. I wrote Oscarminster, as The Oscars and Westminster Dog Show, were gearing up for their respective nights. I ‘reshare’ it with you because it’s Funday and who doesn’t like having fun…


If the Academy Awards and the Westminster Dog Show combined, I would watch the entire spectacle. I imagine it would go something like this: actor and show dog saunter down the red-grass carpet complete with shiny bagging stations. For the gala’s opening act, Ellen Degeneres bursts onto the stage accompanied by a divine chorus singing, “I wish I were an Oscarminster winner, that’s what I would truly love to be, ’cause if I were an Oscarminster winner everybody’d be in love with me.” At the end of the number Ellen blows into a tiny Oscarminster whistle that she’d been hiding in her lapel pocket.
Oscar Westminster

Gorgeous show dogs wearing couture bound out and frolic with the singers. Throughout the course of the evening, stunning Oscar nominees prance glossy canines around the stage circle (nominees fearing wardrobe malfunctions could walk briskly). This exercise replaces drawn out Academy speeches. Shimmering Oscar statuettes – made of solid rawhide – are then awarded to those with the strongest grip and biggest teeth. And that my friends would be entertainment worth watching… :-)

Thank you. May you dream of cold noses and warm slippers.
Oscarminster barked up this morning – mixed media, Tombow Markers and Prisma Pencils

Seabiscuit and Why Blogs are Like Seashells

Dear Friends,
A dear and uber-intelligent blog friend made me think about what ignited my initial blogging passion? The simple, silly, banal truth – I was inspired by the movie, Julie and Julia. In a nutshell (this is a shell post), Julie gets publishing offers galore after her ‘cooking’ blog reaches stratospheric popularity. There are two problems with this movie scenario for me – I’m an average writer at best and I can’t cook.

So what keeps my butt in this chair writing a few unrelated lines when I want to invent worlds? What keeps me drawing little pictures when I like to paint expansive canvases? There is the fantasy of having 10 billion followers just to mutter, “You like me, you really like me.” I don’t think I’d ever mutter it though. Sally Field’s cheeks still redden.

I gave the whole blog thing more thought, and upon further introspection, I saw my blog in a big seashell. So I think of my blog like a great, big seashell. After all, a blog is like a giant seashell isn’t it? You can polish it and admire the translucent rainbows. You can stuff your head inside it and hide. You can fill it with your personal space, place it on your back and run. You can share it with others by letting them hold it upon their ears so they too can hear the ocean. You can collect more than one and place them in pretty jars.

I do like seashells, but I love horses more. A favorite role model of mine – hands and hooves down – is Seabiscuit. Seabiscuit the horse with the indomitable heart. The little steed who bested War Admiral, a flawless thoroughbred. I think of Seabiscuit and I smile. Yes, Seabiscuit makes me smile. Blogging makes me smile. And in the end, I think maybe that’s it…
Seabiscuit ShellThank you, my friends. Dream of sleeping in a giant shell while floating across a sparkling ocean. And one more thing you can do with a seashell – let your pet piglet sleep in it, of course!

pig in shell/acrylic

pig in shell/acrylic

Seabiscuit Shell created after looking at my Breyers’ horses on my studio shelf.
Piglet in Shell painted many moons ago.


Flollowers and Rocky Sequels

Dear Friends,
I give these flollowers as a thank you for stopping by my humble blogcabin. After ten months and three versions of anntogether, I think I finally got the hang of basic blogging. And you know what, it’s only scary in the dark.
Flollowers I thank you for returning – through the prequel, the original and the sequel (which I hope runs a very long time). It’s been like the Rocky franchise minus three movies. :-)

Movie Eyes

Movie Eyes

Rocky Poster
This is my favorite poster of all time. Rocky stuck by me in my youth on my purple bedroom wall. I still remember clear as day, waiting anxiously in the movie house, the lights dimming, the grand white ROCKY letters sliding across the screen as Rocky’s theme music amped up…

Thank you, my friends. May you dream of sleeping in a garden of beautiful sunflollowers and your personal Rocky. YO ADRIAN!

Flollowers Beastie pencilled together several weeks ago, but was lost for a while.
Movies in My Eyes Guy created months ago. Both dudes are rendered with Prisma pencils.



Dear Friends,
Spring, summer, fall and winter pull each other along on their wayward journey. The Seasons ride their own express train. This locomotive’s spinning wheels are unaffected by barometric change. Rainbow boxcars screech as they hustle along the sparking track. Chuckling snowmen have begun jumping off the sidecars, holding balls of ice in their soft red mittens. Winter has arrived in North America.

I wish Season’s express train would ‘snowdown’ once in awhile and let life catch up…
SnowdownThank you. Dream beneath warm blankets of joy this night…
Galeen atop Snowman’s Head, rolled out several days ago with warm markers in hand.


Dear Friends,
A dear blog-friend, Deb of C-Dog wrote an entertaining and humerous post about her past snake experiences. Deb doesn’t care much for snakes. I know many people who feel this same way. But, I don’t mind our slithering friends. When I was in fourth grade, I signed up for a snake class. I was the only girl in a class of twenty. We got to handle all manner of sssssssnake. It was ssssssssuper!


Though I think snakes are sssssuper cool, I could never place a doe-eyed mouse into a ssssssnake’s enclosure. So I’ve not had the pleasure of ‘owning’ a leglesssss reptile. I have kept company with iguanas, and at one time called two albino claw frogs friends.

blue frog/Prisma

blue frog/Prisma

I stick to the basics now – fur-clad dogs with the occasional kid thrown in. ;-)
kiddies and doggies xmas 13

Thank you. May you dream in a snake-free enclosure this evening.
Snakeralla created a few weeks ago – not sure why…
Blue Frog created in 2008