Zealous Zombies

My Friends,
I hope the morning conversation I had with the big son gives you a smile, before darkest night settles into your bedrooms.

Setting: This morning. I’m in my studio working. The big son is in the family room connected with teen buddies via his mystical Xbox.
Action: Studio phone rings. I answer. Nana (my mom) is on the line with a tech question. The big son handles all grandparent technical issues.

Me, “MAX-”
Big son, “WHAT?”
“MAX, I need your help-”
“Ugh!” Speaking into his headset, “Guys, if I die just leave me there.”
Big son enters studio. “What, mom?”
“Nana’s on phone with a tech question.”
Big son takes receiver, assists Nana then ends phone call. “Mom, I was killing zombies!”
“Aren’t zombies dead already?”
“Yeah, but they can still run really fast-”

zombie skunkape

Ah, to be dead and still run really fast :-)
Thank you. May you dream of outrunning zombies…
Pencil sketch raised from earth yesterday.

Life is Short

My Friends,

Life is short
Throw jellybeans at a giant
Challenge a lion to a dueling roar
Whisper into the wind’s ear
Sail the ocean aboard a paper boat
Howl at the moon during sunrise

Life is short
Live it long…
bullbloardmy tablecar and max on roadThank you. Dream until you fall asleep
Kitchen bulletin board and studio table photographed 7 pm tonight. My kiddies photo taken twelve years ago.

Money Whales and Wolverines

My Friends,
This weekend I sketched a gentle humpback whale and an uncooperative wolverine. When uncertain with specific morphology, drawing animals can be challenging. My bathtub is a tad tight for a frolicking whale, and I dare say a feisty wolverine would snack on Mojo the Dachshund. Since I can’t have a play-date with a whale or wolverine, I need to rely on resources. I use my general knowledge to imagine the subject first then roughly sketch out a preferred pose. Next, I research multiple image sources and study them noting specific characteristics. I move on to studio reference books, i.e. Animals in Motion. I use this text to get a sense of bodyweight and movement. Finally, I combine this visual knowledge with a bit of improvisation to render a critter I can call my very own. This is important if one hopes to get published and have no concerns over royalties or copyright issues.
I’d like to introduce you to my newest friends, Henry Humpback and Willard Wolverine born today.
whale and wolverine color

Below Henry and Willard’s pencil sketch, is a post from January 2014 – my first month into blogging. It mentions whales. Notice the clever segue ;-)
whale and wolverine

Posted January 2014

My daughter is in tenth grade. Today she will peruse college course offerings with an eye toward the future. She’s unsure what she wants to do, or who she wants to be. She’s interested in two things – marine biology and making money. At the tender age of fourteen, whatever she decides will probably change. But as long as she’s filled with cockeyed-optimism, she can keep a positive outlook when if they begin downsizing at her job.

I wonder if there is an employment opportunity out there for rescuing money-spouting whales. :-)

Thank you. May you and your pet wolverine dream of sitting in a whale’s belly for some quality reading time.

Happy New Year and my 1st painting of 2015

AnnMarie Roselli-Kissack:

My Friends,
Sibella is extraordinary in every way one can be extraordinary. Above being an amazing artist, her words express honest warmth and compassion. English is Sibella’s third language which is shocking because her mastery of the language is impressive. And though this young woman is a talented creative writer, it’s her art that speaks in gorgeous multilingual prose. When you visit her blog, Arts & Rhymes you’ll become entranced by Sibella’s spectacular art and generous heart.
Have a wonderful weekend,
AnnMarie :-)
ps This talented young lady also has a food/baking blog!

Originally posted on Arts & Rhymes:

Happy New Year Dear Friends, may it bring an abundance of inspiration to create, may you be surrounded with Love and Peace!

This is my first painting of 2015: Winter Wonderland II


View original

Sub Ding

My Friends,
I help buy milk and cookies for my growing kiddies whenever I substitute teach. Now, when I say teach it can mean enchanting 28 captive students with stories of Henry Hudson’s disappearance, it can mean working alongside one child, it can mean monitoring the hallways like SpongeBob, or it can mean having a prep period where I have nothing to prep. During these blessed free periods, a little sub bell goes off like a ding. I can use a yellow No.2 pencil and printer paper for my own schoolwork.

My schoolwork – a Sub Ding Sketch
horseboneSometimes I have enough time and printer paper to do more than one!
WatermuscleThank you. May you dream of educated creatures!

Think A Head and B Happy

My Friends,
Ever since I can remember, I’ve adored marrying offbeat images with well-intended words. The creative coupling of the profound with the surreal was like riding a roller coaster on icy tracks. Blending the silly into the sublime was storm chasing and catching the hurricane. I suspect it’s why I earned a degree in Advertising & Design. And, my first job out of college was in a small New York City ad agency. How I tripped into a long-term publishing career is still a bit of a mystery to me. I’m waiting for the unauthorized bio to find out. ;-)
One EyeThank you. May your dream of doing what you love become your reality.

One Eye Guy created a few months ago for no particular reason.

The Truth About My Art

My Friends,
When someone places an artist’s hat upon my head, I often feel unworthy. I’m not glued nightly to a canvas. I’m not angst-ridden at 3 am. I don’t take myself very seriously.

The truth about my art…
There isn’t a prestigious fine art degree, but there is greatly advanced naiveté.
There haven’t been decades of rendering, but there have been years of creative struggle.
There isn’t an artist hiding in my house, but there is one hiding in my brain.
There isn’t a grand studio filled with en plein air studies and sable brushes in old coffee cans.
There is a room off the kitchen built with a hammer and nails,
by a creative husband for his emotional wife.



I hope this painting (featured once before) keeps my blog’s PG13 rating – as I consider these subjects nude, but not naked :-)
Thank you. May you dream of wearing many hats and loving them all.

Self is one of my larger acrylic pieces – 4 ft x 4 ft. Painted in 1997 (if memory serves)