Darkest Entertainment

Dear Friends,
Author of The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern vividly paints all manner of fantastical imagery within her traveling, black and white-themed circus. The magical spectacle only appears during the darkest part of night. As you can imagine, there is a colorful troupe of carnival characters – each specializing in something extraordinary – one such person is a Fortuneteller. She reads tarot cards and sees into the beyond.

My delicate daughter bought her first set of tarot cards a few weeks ago. She couldn’t resist. Barnes and Noble cleverly places bewitching, giant red dots on sales merchandise. She has since been learning the way of the cards. I was her first reading victim. According to the cards: My present looks hopeful. My future looks either quite amazing or very frightening. The delicate daughter wasn’t sure which. I guess I’ll have to wait and see…

red card jester

Thank you. May you dream of good fortune throughout your present and future…
Red card Jester created after speaking with my dad about his winning casino outing.

A Bit Nutty

Dear Friends,
Once in awhile the brain refuses to behave. It wants to reveal its goofy innards. Autumn is in the chilly morning air, and anxious acorns are dive bombing earth. Sometimes don’t you just feel a bit nutty!

flying squirrelThank you. May you have a wonderfully nutty dream and wake up laughing…
Flying Nutz created for no reason – perhaps subconsciously inspired after shelling pistachios…

Garden of Peace – The Whole Painting


Austrian Artist, Werner Horvath’s work is New Constructivism at its finest. Mr. Horvath’s constructs, objects and colors are simply spectacular. His blog showcases many of these gorgeous pieces.

Originally posted on austrianartblog:

garden of peaceOil on canvas by Austrian artist Werner Horvath.

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Sexy Skeleton

Dear Friends,
The profoundness of the human soul is only limited by the human brain. We look and label in the very same instant. Some of us believe we’re appointed to judge others in the visual stratosphere. We can be harsh, even cruel at times. Our brains often close down before ‘their’ words can come anywhere near our hearts.

There is a wonderful line in the song, Colors of the Wind that so perfectly sums up our predilection for ‘beauty and sameness.’ So I’ll forgive Disney for making Pocahontas a bit too sexy. And I’ll thank lyricist, Steven Schwartz for his wordsmith brilliance:
“…You think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you, but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew – you never knew…”

How our thought processes would change if we were all just sexy skeletons ;-)

sexy skeletonThank you. May you dream of walking side by side with someone you don’t care for. And may the dream enlighten you…
Sexy Skeleton created while wearing dishtowel ’round my neck, much like my nana used to do whenever she was working in the kitchen.

Fallen Stone, Painted Rocks

Dear Friends,
For Americans, September 11th has become a day of remembrance. On this day we remember the fallen, the injured, the loss, the lessons, the heartbreak, the world…

On that pristine, cloudless day in 2001, the New York skyline was blackened. Americans were shocked by tragedy. What happened afterward was nothing short of spectacular. The indomitable American spirit rose up like a phoenix. We grieved long, then we rebuilt the fallen stone.

After 9/11 many of us looked for ways to help out. I painted hundreds of beach pebbles then planted myself in front of the local grocery store. I collected over $1,600 selling rocks for $1, but many teary-eyed people donated much more. We look back and still weep.

9:11 rocks The money was given to FDNY Rescue 1 – they’d lost half their company, eleven men.
The portrait below is of FDNY Rescue 1, Firefighter Gary Geidel (44 years of age), who was lost on 9/11/2001. I painted this for his mother.

Gary GeidelThere are many parts of the world that can’t look back, their lands are still war zones. I pray for worldwide peace. It is very, very difficult…but not impossible.

Thank you. May you too, dream of world wide peace…

House Mermaids

Dear Friends,
Look ’round your home. If you have a daughter, you have a mermaid. A beautiful, lovely creature who’s sometimes unsure of where she fits in. She is playful like the seal, but can be stormy like the sea. She adores her sparkling fin but pines for shoes. She is bold as the barracuda, when she’s not ‘hermitting’ within a vacated shell. She cherishes her hair, but would trade it to save the world.

lil mermaidMy little mermaid above, and my other little mermaid below.

mermaidThank you. May you dream of swimming with dolphins and whales upon a sparkling sea…
Delicate Daughter Mermaid taken in Vermont 2007,
Earth Mermaid created after getting mad at daughter for her messy room.

Star Struck

Dear Friends,
The giant husband and I walked through 2014 summer nights. Now, with another educational season upon us and its accompanying lunacy, we’ve altered our exercise routine. Our sneaker feet have shifted to 5 AM. It was a little strange at first: the quiet of our home, the blackened windows, and the silence of the street save our morning conversations spoken in hushed tones.

Early AM before too many electric lights interfere, the liquid sky is like indigo wine and the stars vibrate like golden glass. I’m embarrassed to say I’d forgotten the exquisite beauty of the stars.  So many stars, so many constellations I don’t know the names of…  I promised myself to never forget the sky’s treasures again. They are worth drinking in and wishing upon.


Thank you. May you dream bathed in star glow and powdered with dream dust…

My Dear Friend Simon from Liberia

Dear Friends,
Way back in the 1600’s, many Europeans believed the world had entered into the Apocalypse. There were cruel plagues, high mortality rates – and far worse – many who didn’t subscribe to a ‘common’ Christian belief system… These Europeans fervently believed the End of Days was closing in, but oddly, the Four Horsemen never materialized. Somehow the human race persevered in Europe and elsewhere. Ultimately, it was the selfless: the sacrificers, the healers, the caring brothers and sisters – who kept us believing in a good earth and the benevolence of mankind.

Today in my local paper there was a touching article about people traveling to Liberia to bring comfort to the afflicted. In West Africa: communities and neighbors, medics and health workers, caring volunteers are all selflessly giving – it is they who bring the lion’s heart and the healer’s shield into battle. The war against Ebola is far from over, but the brave are standing up. They’re challenging this virus and fighting it daily. The human spirit is a powerful healer.

I have a dear blog friend, Simon Tocclo who was born in Liberia. He’s a caring father, talented musician, but above all, Simon is a brother to all. I think of his family often and hope wherever they travel, they are well. Simon’s site is Liberian Me. If you haven’t visited, please do and let Simon know many hearts follow him, his family and his homeland.

for SimonThank you. May we all dream together for all those who are not well…

creepy Thursday: puppet show // 2.


I adore creepy Thursday: puppet show and all artwork on Naturart. Expressive line work, wicked color and a gorgeous imagination

Originally posted on Naturart:

puppet show

-Paying attention storyteller:
-still Seeking for this illustration a scary or funny story (also Germanlanguage)
-write a short summary of your idea in the comments
-the best will be published next Thursday

Share your horror stories with us on Thursday and make this day to a scary sweet pleasure.

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Trash Tossers

Dear Friends,
Driving down the road last week a window rolled down, an arm casually descended out, then came the chuck – the all too common paper cup chuck. Why? Why do some folks think it’s okay to chuck their paper cups? Driving down the road today a window rolled down, an arm casually descended out, then came the flick – the all too common cigarette flick. Why? Why do some folks think it’s okay to flick their butts?

My horn honks each time trash gets discarded onto the road. It’s an exercise in futility, and now, I’m polluting the atmosphere with noise. The folks doing the chucking and the flicking don’t care. Sad really. Sad for them. Sad for us. I’m working on a giant cardboard hand.

Driving down the road next week a window rolls down, an arm casually descends out, holding a cardboard hand with the sassy finger proudly extended at the cup chuckers and butt flickers…

holding earthThank you. May you dream of a sparkling planet and people who care to keep it sparkling.
Earth Chain created yesterday after witnessing a garbage tosser…