Oct 232014

Dear Friends,
Sometimes, one just has to have a little fun with their pencil. A dear friend of mine, often sends me links to fantastic artists’ sites and all sorts of other wonderful information. He-lloween, was inspired by Nikki Shelley’s spectacular face painting. Click on her name and check out her awesome talent. I wonder if Mary is Nikki’s distant relative, who speaks to her from beyond the grave…

I created this He-lloween drawing while on subbing breaks. Yesterday, a few teachers observed me working on He-lloween’s face. I didn’t want them to think I was insane, so I explained, “I’m not crazy. I’m just a simple artist with a blog, who poses as a substitute from time to time. Oh, and I like monsters very much. And Halloween is just around the boneyard!” ;-) boooooooooo…

JawedThank you. May you dream of sweet creatures and free candy.

Please keep West Africa in your thoughts…

Oct 222014

Dear Friends,
Lighten your soul. Warm your heart. Stir your imagination. Lift your eyes. Soften your mood.
Music is the miracle.
Our world needs never-ending melody…

My good friend, Debra of C-Dog fame, understands. If you are in need of a smile today check out Deb’s post today!

Thank you. May you fall asleep to childhood lullabies…

Guitarbot created while listening to, Porgy and Bess…

Oct 212014
Nostril Bone/sketch

Dear Friends,
Was I in an O’Keeffe mindset, while thinking about my mother-in-law who lives in New Mexico? Was it current high school subbing – placing me within earshot of, Lord of the Flies and ‘his’ staked pig’s head – that prompted this? Whatever the flirting muse, Nostril Bone, manifested two days ago and I ‘kinda’ like her. She may become a painting…

nostril bone
Thank you. May you dream of insect-free, big skies.



Oct 202014
Dragon Roar/Prisma

Dear Friends,
Roaring every so often is good for the soul, the heart and the jaw muscles. One shouldn’t roar for things like children’s unkempt bedrooms or misbehaving technology. These aren’t roar-worthy concerns. Though I know better, I’ve been flexing my jawbone too much. When one roars for unimportant things, they burden the over-taxed airways and other critical roars can’t be heard.

Roaring is good, when there is great need. Roar for West Africa, roar for the sick, roar for the helpless…please don’t waste a healthy roar…

dragon roarThank you. May you dream of roaring among the waves and soaring among the stars…

Dragon Roar drawn a last week after housecleaning.

Oct 172014
For Liberia/pastel

Dear Friends,
Someone needs help. The someone is everyone and everyone needs someone…

I promised my dear friend, Simon – whose Liberian homeland is being ravaged by Ebola – I’d share his post. It would mean a great deal to Simon’s loved ones, both near and far, and to all areas afflicted with this disease, if you shared Simon’s message. I tried reblogging Simon Tocclo’s post, unfortunately, my new host site isn’t cooperating, so I did the next best thing and created my own post and linked to Simon’s blog/and his post.

Thank you so very much.

Starved woman/pastel done in 1998 under different circumstances…


Oct 172014
Skunk Ape/Prisma

Dear Friends,
I wish monsters were only make-believe. I wish creatures were products of our imaginations and nothing more. I wish demons were child’s play. I wish dark entities were the stuff of fantasies. I wish, wishes worked. I’d wish for the host of maniacal characters to return to the pages they escaped from. Then perhaps once the planet was freed of its corroded anchors, it might float into an era of renewed hope.

Skunk Ape:FL
Thank you. May you dream of realized wishes…
Skunk Ape created in 2009 for a monster project.

Oct 162014
Sad Eyes/Prisma

Dear Friends,
I must be honest. I feel a bit sad today. So much going on around the world – valiant efforts, selfless acts…and the opposing forces that make valiant efforts and selfless acts necessary. Opposing forces in the form of disease, apathy, negligence, persecution, hate…

Sometimes…the eyes close while the heart cries. But eyes must open to dry the tears with a new day’s sunlight.

monkey eyes
Thank you. May you dream of seeing the world through tears of joy.

Oct 152014
static girl

Dear Friends,
I’ve been functioning as a student’s scribe for the last few weeks. During this time, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in a high school classroom minus the ‘pressure.’ I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience the second time around. Much to my surprise, I’m absorbing Trig and Chemistry, my past personal nightmares. Both course teachers have exceptional delivery styles.

If I’d had the good fortune of learning from either one of these instructors, I might have become a mad scientist or a power broker with a ‘smancy’ car. Who knows? Anyway, yesterday I was me. Me had some free time in school and used it to sketch some ideas for future posts. This first concept was glued in my head from a prior conversation with a fellow blog friend about astrological signs. Guess what I am :-)

i taurus
This second sketch was stuck in my head from a chemistry class. I can’t wait to flesh her out in kooky colors!

static girl

Thank you. May you dream of floating on stars and swinging by your hair.

Oct 142014

Dear Friends,
Below is a five minute sketch. She was created to live demo basic ‘facing’ for an art student. I had a little fun with eye decoration (that ate 3 of the minutes). The ‘quickie’ was later tacked to my studio cork board. Yesterday while drawing a ‘real’ portrait for someone, the young lady hanging from my cork board spoke.

She directed in a slightly demanding tone, “Hey you, look up here!” A little shocked, my eyes hesitantly rolled up, followed by my head. Once the young lady had my full attention, her voice softened, “Please,” then she paused for a dramatic moment, “Please, tell me who I am?”

I looked away and stared at the floor. I thought a minute then replied,”I don’t know.” I looked back at her face and those black-lined eyes. She appeared sadder than I remembered drawing her. So I added, “But I promise, when I’m done discovering who I am, I’ll figure out who you are. For now, I’ll just call you Stranger Girl.”

She smiled. She had a name and that was a start.

stranger girl
Thank you. May you dream of strange people with friendly faces.

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