Oct 302014

Dear Friends,
I’ve been quite inspired by the Kindness Blog. The sole purpose of this beautiful blog is to spread goodwill and restore our faith in humanity, one post at a time. The other day, I read this especially lovely post about a Blue Cape and it actually brought a tear to my eye.

While on a sub break today, I began creating a superhero. I think his name would be Aqueus and he’d help elderly people in peril and the deep sea community. Aqueus has a soft spot in his heart for porpoises and women over 80 years of age.


Thank you. May you dream of flying through the air wearing a silk cape in your choice of color.

Please keep West Africa in your thoughts…

Oct 302014
Witch Hair

Dear Friends,
As I type this, my folks are en route to my home. My mother, Carmella’s (aka Millie) birthday is on Halloween. Of course, we won’t be celebrating on October 31st, as Millie will be flying about. ;-) But, all beautiful, good witches deserve a brunch – so eggs and muffins will be served, with a side of birthday cake and 79 candles thrown in for good measure! Happy Birthday MOM!

Witch Hair
Directly below, Millie in 2010 at 75, dressed up for a show.

mom bandana

This is the giant husband, big son and my mom who’ll be 79 this Halloween –

millie pumpkins

This is Millie’s daughter, AnnMarie – the bad witch ;-) circa 1983-

Thank you. May you dream of your favorite candy!
Hair Hat Witch sketched yesterday while on a subbing break.

Oct 282014
Fall and Stars

Dear Friends,
Last week at 5 AM, as the giant husband and I were taking our morning walk, I noticed something quite beautiful. The sleepy, white moon was preparing to let the sun take over. The road surface was slick from the previous night’s rain. Though the street was dark, it appeared illuminated by starlight. Wet leaves of orange, russet and gold were reflecting moon glow. The fallen leaves flickered atop the black asphalt. Their angular shapes shimmered as stars do in the night sky. It seemed for a beautiful, brief moment that the earth had flipped over onto her lovely head.

Fall and Stars

Thank you. May you dream of stars in heaven and on earth.
Fallen Girl mixed media collage created after witnessing stars on the road.

Please keep West Africa in your thoughts…

Earth logo

Oct 262014
Pumpkin Sweet

Dear Friends,
Sweet are the wide-eyed faces, painted white as skeleton bone.
Precious are the little forms, costumed bright in faux silk.
Humorous are the small heads, wearing pointed hats.
Innocent are the bowed lips, timidly yelling for treats.
Tender are the tiny hands, grasping, in the spirit of Halloween.

little red devil
Skeleton Chama
money bat
Einstein Glasses

Pumpkin Sweet

Thank you. Happy Halloween to those joining in the fun. May you dream of sweet treats and happy smiles.
Please keep West Africa in your thoughts.
Pumpkin Sweet penciled while on a subbing break.

Oct 242014
Blue Bull/Prisma

Dear Friends,
Keeping in the spirit of Halloween and all things ‘monsterish’ – here’s Blue Bull. Yes, I know he’s mostly green, but his eyes are bedazzling blue. Blue Bull is a shy ‘fella’ with the strength of a thousand men. Though he wishes no harm to person or creature, he’s relentlessly hunted. Blue Bull’s gorgeous eyes and odd coloration make him a highly desired prize – a rare trophy – humans crave. How man adores his pretty things…

Taurean Bull
Blue Bull knows fear and feels safest among the cows.We cannot see him hiding there. Most humans when passing by cows, are only capable of seeing black and white.

Hiding Bull
Thank you. May you dream of sleeping on the cool green grass, looking up at the bedazzling, blue stars…
Please keep West Africa in your thoughts…

Blue Bull and Cow Patch created 2008 for monster project…


Oct 232014

Dear Friends,
Sometimes, one just has to have a little fun with their pencil. A dear friend of mine, often sends me links to fantastic artists’ sites and all sorts of other wonderful information. He-lloween, was inspired by Nikki Shelley’s spectacular face painting. Click on her name and check out her awesome talent. I wonder if Mary is Nikki’s distant relative, who speaks to her from beyond the grave…

I created this He-lloween drawing while on subbing breaks. Yesterday, a few teachers observed me working on He-lloween’s face. I didn’t want them to think I was insane, so I explained, “I’m not crazy. I’m just a simple artist with a blog, who poses as a substitute from time to time. Oh, and I like monsters very much. And Halloween is just around the boneyard!” ;-) boooooooooo…

JawedThank you. May you dream of sweet creatures and free candy.

Please keep West Africa in your thoughts…

Oct 222014

Dear Friends,
Lighten your soul. Warm your heart. Stir your imagination. Lift your eyes. Soften your mood.
Music is the miracle.
Our world needs never-ending melody…

My good friend, Debra of C-Dog fame, understands. If you are in need of a smile today check out Deb’s post today!

Thank you. May you fall asleep to childhood lullabies…

Guitarbot created while listening to, Porgy and Bess…

Oct 212014
Nostril Bone/sketch

Dear Friends,
Was I in an O’Keeffe mindset, while thinking about my mother-in-law who lives in New Mexico? Was it current high school subbing – placing me within earshot of, Lord of the Flies and ‘his’ staked pig’s head – that prompted this? Whatever the flirting muse, Nostril Bone, manifested two days ago and I ‘kinda’ like her. She may become a painting…

nostril bone
Thank you. May you dream of insect-free, big skies.



Oct 202014
Dragon Roar/Prisma

Dear Friends,
Roaring every so often is good for the soul, the heart and the jaw muscles. One shouldn’t roar for things like children’s unkempt bedrooms or misbehaving technology. These aren’t roar-worthy concerns. Though I know better, I’ve been flexing my jawbone too much. When one roars for unimportant things, they burden the over-taxed airways and other critical roars can’t be heard.

Roaring is good, when there is great need. Roar for West Africa, roar for the sick, roar for the helpless…please don’t waste a healthy roar…

dragon roarThank you. May you dream of roaring among the waves and soaring among the stars…

Dragon Roar drawn a last week after housecleaning.

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