unexpected love

like mapping the skies
in search of patterns
a complete image can only manifest
by filling in the gaps, the dark spots
with what you know to be true
fight for the strength
to lift your flickering head
see the ancient skies reborn
allow the dark
to be your light

let the fiery stars
elevate your land-ladened heart
 if you look up
 it will be there
as fascinating as a brilliant constellation
unexpected love…

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

oatmeal domination

somewhere in the universe
beastly animatronic appendages
dragging empty buckets the size of blue whales
scoop up wild oats more numerous than grains of sand
they dump these omnipotent hauls 
into two monumental receptacles
the first –
is a sweet, crunchy place decorated in swirly G’s
where smells of cinnamon and dehydrated fruits abound

the second – mind you,
casts a far more intimidating shadow
it is a dark, mysterious warehouse
where rancid pigment and gooey binder can be sniffed for miles
it is deep within the bowels of this cloaked place
that all institutional paint is manufactured
and the nefarious beings behind this demon depository 
have but one scheme in mind
oatmeal domination

these ill-natured possessors will not rest
until the interior of every hospital, recovery outpost and learning facility
has been impossibly plastered in their colorless aberration
depressing, hideous, stomach-churning
oatmeal paint
Karole in St Luketen-minute sketch while my mother-in-law slept in hospital bed yesterday
she survived cancer number 4 – a tumor was removed from her bladder, all seems well
she is home now happy, drinking lots of water and enjoying her colorful walls filled with beautiful things
those oatmeal-colored hospital walls are a thing of the past
but her care – doctors, nurses and all involved – was fantastic – wonderful people

for my cousin

each day her spirit leaps out
from the mirror
into your warm breast
she is there
ever present in those generous eyes of yours
her love of life and family
her passion for art and laughing
there is no missing her presence
in your reflection
a smile so deeply connected
even death
cannot hold it captive
lenore and toni anneMy spirited Aunt Lenore and her lovely daughter, Toni Anne pictured here in 1985
Toni Anne’s daughter’s wedding is fast approaching
Lenore would have been front, center and beaming with wedding preparations for her granddaughter, Victoria
Lenore passed away seven years ago after losing a brave battle to cancer

…for my beautiful cousin, Toni Anne who is missing her mom more than ever…


writer blocked

“the writing has to be real”
he screams into her eardrums
the war of words hasn’t even begun marching
no matter

he mercilessly continues the assault
“raw introspection must bleed from every serif”
now that’s delicious, she muses
imagining him dispatched with a saber of nasty grammar
hell-vetica she’s chosen – no ascenders or descenders – asshole
the battle is heating up
no support arriving for her open flanks
he is ever wicked and callous

real and raw lay open and bleeding
those nails of her hers bitten down to the core
forever scratching at that mountain
blanks hit her from behind like Kennedy bullets
she almost fantasizes the sun rising over a groundswell

in a show of desperate force
she slams the laptop closed
and swings ’round to lance him with her army of dried-up pens
he’s too quick
elusive bastard
those words of his –
lead cannonballs sinking her fingertips
“the writing has to be real…”

the only thing real in the room right now
is her headache and heartache
empty again
and there’s nothing she can do to protect herself

he’ll be back tomorrow…




breaking free

there are certain things in my heart
that will never go to my head
when my chest pounds hard
I think these notions are trying to break free
maybe make a run for it
I make them stay down there
not so much lingering
as guarded
like protecting my eyes
from direct sunlight
when I keep things locked away
I imagine a fierce dragon
marshalling the will to protect
rather than escaping to certain freedom
on some snow-chilled mountain top
no one has yet discovered…


the other side of the fence
where the grass is greener
over the rainbow
under a rock
across the river
an ocean away
where the sun doesn’t shine
over the moon
the ends of the earth
hidden in the shadows

is that where you are
afraid of what we might do
if those shadows fell apart
would we collapse into each other
two eager lovers
yet, afraid of everything

if I found you
I’d pull you from the dark
with such force
you’d have no choice but to bend with me
though the reality of our slickest rainbow and blackest shadow

it is not you who is hiding…

wood nymph

wood nymph

sailing on a kiss

his lips are as close as my skin
there, the moment
the kiss begins
I sail across the sea
clouds billow like the bright sails
of some enchanted schooner
endless waters spin into golden swells
waves foam and crash blinding white
wayward my fleshy compass
and I don’t care
lost is the most exquisite place
I could ever hope to be

swirl skating

swirl skating